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Don’t Starve Together publisher releases Frostpunk-like magic sim game

Sparkypants joins Don't Starve publisher Klei Entertainment to release a whimsical Frostpunk-esque simulation game, Mind Over Magic.

Mind Over Magic release: A large spider-like creature bares its fangs, a fire burning behind it

Mind Over Magic is my newest obsession, and it comes as developer Sparkypants’ debut game. You may recognize the publisher though, Klei Entertainment, as the brilliant team behind the classic survival crafting game, Don’t Starve (and its equally impressive multiplayer counterpart, Don’t Starve Together). The two joined forces to deliver their new game, Mind Over Magic, a stunning Frostpunk-like simulation game.

While I’m only starting Mind Over Magic now as its early access takes off, I have hundreds of hours in Don’t Starve Together and a good few in colony management games like Frostpunk. Klei’s latest simulation game and Sparkypants’ first is an enchanting blend of cozy witchy vibes and more difficult survival mechanics. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter or Little Witch Academia like I am, then it may just be perfect for you.

You’re tasked with overseeing a magic school, which means keeping the alumni both content and more importantly, alive. Your scholars will brew potions, grow exotic plants, study lost arcana, and engage in necromancy to help stop an ever-expanding deadly fog from consuming everything in its wake. Much like the caves in Don’t Starve, there’s also a deadly subterranean trial to overcome known as the Underschool.

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You can grab Mind Over Magic on Steam now for just $22.49 / £17.09 during its early access release deal for 10% off or wishlist it to follow for developer updates. Reviews look stellar right now, with exclusively positive feedback on Valve’s platform thus far. Some players call the new game an “absurdly charming” one that has them “spellbound,” while others say they’re “baffled” at how good it plays.

I’m inclined to recommend it right now, too, especially to any fellow fans of all things magic-related. It’s important to note that the game is in early access. The dev explains, “We still have a lot more in store for Mind Over Magic,” stating that the team plans “to continue growing and updating the game throughout 2024.”

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