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How long is Minecraft Legends?

If you’re wondering how much time you’ll have to commit to your Creepers, fear not, as we have the answer to the question of how long is Minecraft Legends.

How long is Minecraft Legends: a horde of angular pig-like creatures.

How long is Minecraft Legends? The new action-strategy game from Mojang will be with us soon, and you’ll be able to command your little army of Creepers, golems, and the like against the evil Piglins, who are, in true antagonist style, trying to take over the blocky world of Minecraft.

Even though you’ll be controlling small squads of units from a top-down perspective, don’t think of Minecraft Legends as an RTS game, but more of an action game. You’ll control a single unit directly, and issue orders to your angular compatriots – it’s a novel idea, and could end up being one of the best PC games this year if done well, but how long will it take you to beat Minecraft Legends?

How long is Minecraft Legends?

According to a recent interview with Dennis Ries, executive producer at Mojang, he stated that the Minecraft Legends campaign will take between 18 and 25 hours to complete. Of course, if you wanted to take a shot at a completionist run, that number could end up being a lot larger.

There are a multitude of different collectibles in Minecraft Legends that may add to your playtime if you choose to seek them all out – treasure chests, mounts, and creatures to befriend. These will all add to your power on the battlefield, so it may very well be worthwhile taking the time to seek them out.

There will also be post-release challenges called Lost Legends that will serve as additional mini-games that if completed, will award you with skins to use in-game. Ries confirmed in an interview with IGN, Mojang might collaborate with creators to make their own Lost Legends, which they’ve taken to calling Myths.

Now that you know how long it takes to complete Minecraft Legends, you’re ready to slay your enemies and save the world. Check out our Minecraft Legends preview if you want to know more about the strategy game ahead of the imminent Minecraft Legends release date and the invasion of the Piglins.