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Minecraft Breeze mob guide

The Minecraft Breeze is a limited hostile mob that is exclusive to underground trial chambers, here's what they do and how to defeat them.

The Minecraft Breeze mob on a backdrop of a stone wall underground.

What is the Minecraft Breeze? Peaceful, passive, and even hostile, from foxes to blazes, tropical fish to Endermites, Minecraft mobs make the sandbox game what it is, and we love every one of them. Well, except maybe those pesky Phantoms. As each Minecraft update comes and goes, more and more creatures get added to the game’s infinite worlds, and 2024 saw the arrival of The Breeze.

Announced during Minecraft Live 2023, The Breeze was the first of its kind as one of the attackers found in Minecraft trial chambers. The Breeze looks like a cross between a Wither and a Blaze, but it’s far less dangerous since its projectiles aren’t actually as harmful as they are destructive.

The Minecraft Breeze mob in front of a trial spawner from which it spawns.

What is the Minecraft Breeze?

The Minecraft Breeze is an attack mob found exclusively in underground trial chambers. The flying mob shoots balls of wind energy that explode on impact, and while the explosion deals no damage, the projectiles themselves do if you come into direct contact with one.

Labeled a “playful hostile mob” by Mojang’s Cory ‘Cojomax99’ Scheviak during its Minecraft Live reveal, The Breeze darts about as it attacks, making it very hard to hit. This might be a reason why its projectiles are less harmful than they could be, as the challenge is more around movement and skill than straight forward damage.

That’s what these combat trials are for. Suggested in the word ‘trial’, these aren’t meant to be impossible challenges, and are instead a way for players to practice combat against various mobs.

A Minecraft Breeze spawner, distinguished by the chiseled tuff blocks around it.

Minecraft Breeze spawning

All Trial Chamber mobs spawn in set numbers depending on how many players are present, and once all are defeated, no more spawn – for now. Instead, a key is ejected from each spawner, which is then used to unlock trial vaults for special rewards. With that in mind, don’t go into Trail Chambers expecting to break these spawners like you would normal ones.

Trial spawners are all surrounded by copper blocks and another Minecraft block, related to the mob inside. Breeze spawners can be distinguished by the presence of Chiseled Tuff blocks.

A Minecraft Breeze Rod, one of the Breeze drops, sits on the floor of a trial chamber.

Minecraft Breeze drops

Like it’s non-identical twin the Blaze, the Breeze drops its own rod – the Breeze Rod. This rare and valuable item is used to craft Wind Charges and The Mace.

Wind Charges

A Wind Charge is a projectile that can be held and thrown by the player to deal damage to other entities, similar to the Breeze’s own attack. Upon a direct hit, a Wind Charge both pushes enemies away and deals damage. Meanwhile, this item doesn’t deal damage to the player, and can even be used underneath your feet to make you jump higher.

To craft a Wind Charge, simply place one Breeze Rod in any crafting table slot, which produces four Wind Charges.

Minecraft Mace

Another use for the Breeze Rod is in the crafting recipe for the Minecraft Mace, a new weapon added with the 1.21 update, and the first in five years.

This rare and powerful weapon isn’t easy to come by, though. If you thought Breeze Rods themselves were difficult to find, they must be crafted with a Heavy Core to produce a Mace. Heavy Cores can only be earned by completing Ominous Trials, a more difficult level of trial chamber challenge.

The Minecraft Breeze is both an aesthetically and mechanically cool mob, and we love practicing our skills against these fast-moving fellows. One of the rewards you can earn by beating trial chambers are Breeze armor trims and Minecraft banner designs, while you can also earn Minecraft diamonds and other precious items.