Minecraft Breeze mob guide

The Minecraft Breeze is a new, kinda hostile mob coming to trial chambers in the 1.21 update, and here’s what we know about it so far.

The Minecraft Breeze mob on a backdrop of a stone wall underground.

What is the Minecraft Breeze? Peaceful, passive, and even hostile, from foxes to blazes, tropical fish to Endermites, Minecraft mobs make the sandbox game what it is, and we love every one of them. Well, except maybe those pesky Phantoms. As each Minecraft update comes and goes, more and more creatures get added to the game’s infinite worlds, and 2024 is looking like no exception with the incoming addition of The Breeze.

Announced during Minecraft Live 2023, The Breeze is an entirely new kind of mob, and one of the attackers you might find in new Minecraft trial chambers. While the Breeze looks like a cross between a Wither and a Blaze, its projectiles aren’t actually as harmful as they are destructive, but it can still hurt. Here’s everything we know about the Minecraft Breeze ahead of its arrival to the crafting game in Minecraft 1.21.

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What is the Minecraft Breeze?

The Minecraft Breeze is an attack mob set to arrive in the 1.21 update and can be found in underground trial chambers. The flying mob shoots balls of wind energy that explode on impact, and while the explosion deals no damage, the projectiles themselves do if you come into direct contact with one.

Labeled a “playful hostile mob” by Mojang’s Cory ‘Cojomax99’ Scheviak in the video above, if such a thing exists, it does seem as though wind energy should be fairly easy to dodge – but that’s what these combat trials are for, we suppose. Practice makes perfect.

The Minecraft Breeze spawns in Minecraft trial chambers.

Minecraft Breeze spawning

From what we know so far, the Breeze only spawns in Minecraft trial chambers, presumably generating from the structure’s exclusive trial spawners. Minecraft trial spawners are special in that they only spawn a set number of mobs before pausing for a time, so you can catch your breath between waves of foes.

While that’s everything we know about the Minecraft Breeze so far, its arrival in the sandbox game is right around the corner for the Minecraft Preview and Java edition Minecraft snapshots. While we wait for the full, official release of the Minecraft 1.21 update and the additional mechanics to be announced, make sure you’re familiar with everything that arrived in the last update, including the Minecraft cherry grove biome and Minecraft archeology – and you can even try to dig up some Minecraft trial ruins and discover a historical underground city.