Minecraft cherry blossom biome, trees, and how to play snapshot 23w07a

The new Minecraft cherry blossom biome has been announced for the 1.20 update, and you can surround yourself with sakura petals right in the 23w07a snapshot.

Minecraft cherry grove biomes: A Minecraft avatar with pink hair stands among the leaves in a cherry blossom tree

A new Minecraft cherry blossom biome and a gorgeous pink wood set are here – and of course they’re beautiful. As gorgeous as the blocky sandbox game can be, the overworld is pretty much just varying shades of green. Well, until now, that is. Even better, you can dive into this pink dreamworld right now with the latest Minecraft 23w07a snapshot.

The pink-petalled tree has long since been a fan favourite of Minecraft players, having appeared in many of the most popular Minecraft mods, so it’s no surprise that Mojang Studios has finally decided to add it to the vanilla game itself. All features coming with the Minecraft 1.20 release date have now been announced, with the new biome just the cherry on top of an update including the Minecraft Live mob vote winner the Sniffer, new bamboo building blocks, a Minecraft camel, armor trims, and the long-awaited Minecraft archeology system. Enough about those though, here’s everything you need to know about Minecraft cherry wood, the Cherry Grove biome, and everything else pink!

Minecraft Cherry Grove biomes: Pink Sakura trees span the horizon, with their pink petals covering green grass

Minecraft Cherry Grove biome

Cherry trees and cherry wood

The Cherry Grove biome is full of stunning cherry blossom trees, which feature dark wood and beautiful pink leaves. What’s more, these trees leave their petals lying on ground, which just makes the new addition to the various Minecraft biomes all that more pretty. Break down or let one of these trees decompose, and you’ll be sure to collect some saplings, which you can plant anywhere to add a pop of colour.

With a new biome and new trees comes a new wood set, which adds an exciting new expansion for the builders out there. And there is no doubt this is one of the best yet. Not since the Nether update have we had such a colourful wood type, and these soft pink planks will completely overhaul the possibilities when considering spectacular Minecraft builds, or even just your simple Minecraft house ideas. As usual, the new set comes with all the usual pieces, including fence posts, a trapdoor, and stairs, as well as the new 1.20 hanging sign.

Pink petals

So we mentioned that these new cherry blossom trees leave sakura petals lying on the ground. Well, this is actually an item itself! Minecraft pink petals are a new natural item that can be placed on grass blocks to make your garden, path, or other green area look even more beautiful!


While the Sniffer is coming to Minecraft in the new update, there are technically no new Minecraft mobs to call the Cherry Grove home. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be in the future, and that doesn’t also mean there aren’t cute creatures roaming among the pink trees from day one. The Cherry Grove biome will be home to appropriately pink pigs, sheep (which can also be pink), and bees. The Sniffer can also populate the biome as it doesn’t spawn naturally anywhere, and instead must be hatched from special eggs.

Minecraft snapshot 23w07a: how to play java snapshot

How to play the Minecraft 23w07a snapshot

The Cherry Grove biome isn’t the only thing coming to the latest Minecraft snapshot, with both the archeology update and the sniffer making this one of the biggest snapshots to date. To play the snapshot on Java edition:

  • Open Minecraft Launcher
  • Select the 23w07a snapshot and press play
  • Click Create New World
  • Open the Experiments option
  • Toggle “Update 1.20” to “On” (and bundles too if you wish!)
  • Configure your other new world options to your liking
  • Hit Create New World, and explore the new biome!

That’s everything you need to know about the Minecraft Cherry Grove biome for now, and since it’s still in the snapshot stages, it could change before its full vanilla rollout in Minecraft 1.20. We think this biome is going to be one of the most beautiful yet, so just imagine it with Minecraft shaders on. Of course, Minecraft is one of the best PC games ever, but if you don’t want to touch the new biome, items, and features before their full release, then try one of the other sandbox games on our list instead.