This Doom 2 mod turns the game into Minecraft

Minecraft is a pretty peaceful game. Sure, the odd pesky mob or monster might occasionally saunter over and decide to engage you in a bit of a scuffle, but for the most part you’re free to go about your block building at leisure. However, one modder’s now offered players the chance to put combat front and centre in a Minecraft-style setting – with a Doom II mod.

The Brutal Minecraft mod by creator Doomforever7z (via PCGamer) offers a full conversion of the game into the iconic, blocky art style of Minecraft, with nine maps like ‘Abandoned Fortress,’ ‘Hell Dungeon,’ ‘The Infected City,’ and more to play, plus the ability to move between them freely as you like. It brings an “abundance of zombies and other monsters,” plus 25 different weapons to blast them to bits with – “from the simplest pistols to large-calibre rifles”

The creator says the monsters are pretty “elaborate” – most will evade and out-maneuver your shots, and will bring some special attacks (and a level of protection from you) to the table. It looks like there are plans to improve and expand the mod’s monsters in the future too. Doomforever7z says they plan to include new monsters (plus campaigns, weapons, and an inventory) in the next release, as well as “finalise the dismemberment of all monsters.”

You can check the mod in action in the video provided by the creator below.

The results are impressive – though of course it’s a little bizarre at first to see the serene world of Minecraft become home to some serious baddie-blasting.

The Brutal Minecraft mod is available on ModDB. It has multiple game modes to try out – single, co-op, and multiplayer – and has Zandronum and Gzdoom support. 

Top image credit: Doomforever7z/ModDB

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