Minecraft meets Genshin Impact with creeper tossing chaos

Minecraft and Genshin Impact aren't games you'd often put together but that has not stopped people from splicing the crafting game and the RPG game together

Minecraft - Genshin Impact's Amber in a Minecraft world

Minecraft is one of the world’s greatest sandbox games, and Genshin Impact is possibly the most ambitious free-to-play RPGs going. The two don’t have a huge amount in common outside of both featuring grass and hiding dark secrets, but they’ve come together now anyway thanks to this video.

Now, the title of the video is “Who Needs Grenades When You Can Have… Pocket Creeper?” which made us assume this was a Minecraft mod, not a Genshin one, but hey, we’ve all been tricked before. It shows off Alex yeeting out an adorable little dancing creeper, which is genuinely one of the cutest things we’ve seen, before it explodes. It does get a cuddle afterwards though, which is nice.

H4xolotl posted the video to Reddit, and it turns out it’s not just a little mod to turn Amber into Alex, but just every character and a few other bits. While the general aesthetic of Genshin Impact is there, the creatures have all been replaced with Minecraft mobs. The foxes and zombies look strangely at home in the lush greens of Teyvat, but even things like the boat have been altered.

It’s quite a ride from start to finish, and it has us wondering if we’ll ever get a more immersive Minecraft RPG. While Minecraft Dungeons is an immense amount of fun, and Minecraft Legends looks interesting, it’s not quite the same as actually being able to go sailing after throwing out a cute creeper, or fighting off a group of zombies with fancy martial arts moves and a spear.

In other weird versions of Minecraft that don’t exist, have you seen IKEA’s take on the game? It’s another strange foray into the uncanny, so enjoy!