Knights beware: Minecraft snapshot 14w27a introduces bunnies

Minecraft 14w27a

The most devious, resourceful foe mankind has ever faced comes to Minecraft in the latest snapshot, 14w27a. It’s worse than creepers or dragons or other things that explode and slaughter. I am, of course, talking about rabbits. 

Minecraft has been invaded by bunnies.

You wouldn’t think, just looking at them, that these bouncing monsters would pose any threat. But only if you’ve never seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

These little beasties are tamable, thank goodness, but there’s also a chance that you’ll come across a killer rabbit, and you’ll curse the day they evolved. It’s almost as bad as the time Mojang introduced monstrous squids in 14w25a.

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On top of the introduction of these devil creatures are a slew of rewrites, bug fixes and some optimisation.

Fixed bugs include horses forcing themselves on other horses when they aren’t in love and players getting shoved around by mobs when on horseback.