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This Lego Minecraft stop motion short is adorable

Lego Minecraft sees the two worlds come together in a fusion of crafting games that's so adorable that only this stop motion animation can try and do it justice

Lego Minecraft stop motion - a warrior holds a sword and a bone

Lego Minecraft combines two things that go together so very well. You don’t have to believe us; we can show you. Someone already put an ungodly number of hours and bricks into making this Minecraft piston out of Lego. Plus, you can have all of your digital Lego dreams come true by using this Minecraft mod that turns mobs into Lego figures. See, told you, the two just work.

Today we’re bringing you another real-life bit of art, with some animation. GoodSirCompany on Reddit uploaded a cute clip of their first-ever Lego Minecraft stop motion animation. It has a player character clad in black armour running up to an unaware skeleton and smiting them. It’s a nice little bit of work and, while it has a few rough edges, it’s got a nice smoothness to the combat.

It’s also full of wonderful little details. One of the most impressive is the fire, which constantly flickers to really help cement the feeling of movement throughout the mini diorama. For the eagle-eyed, you’ll also notice a cameo from something suspicious in the background too. Who doesn’t love a good cameo?

As it’s GoodSirCompany’s first attempt at this, there are also some pretty useful comments in response to it too. You’ll notice that shadows in the background keep moving, but a good lighting source can help with that. There’s also some camera shake, which likely happens as GoodSirCompany hits the camera button. As suggested by Slasken06, the shake can be taken care of by using a pair of wireless headphones to take the pictures instead. You could also use a remote. If you weren’t expecting some stop motion tips from us, then consider this all a bonus.

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