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This Minecraft mod turns mobs into Lego figures

Minecraft and Lego fit together perfectly so it's no surprise that someone has made a fantastic mod to bring minifig mobs to the popular building game

Minecraft mod: a pig who has been modded to look like a Lego figures crawls across the floor

Someone has made a Minecraft mod that will turn the building game into the Lego game of your dreams. It makes sense as Minecraft is all about building, and Lego is a toy all about the same thing. Both focus on creativity and allow you to let your imagination run wild and put together whatever you can think of. They go together well, which is why we wrote about this excellent Minecraft piston that was built entirely out of Lego.

We also briefly mentioned a Redditor called Cirelectric, because they posted an image showing off zombies in the style of Lego minifigs in-game. It was cute, but Cirelectric has now made a full mod pack for that style. You can download the mod yourself if you want, which gives a new skin to most Minecraft mobs you’ll encounter.

Overall, it’s an incredibly cute pack, with only one mob being an outright eldritch horror. You might expect that to be the Enderman, but you’d be wrong; it’s the pig. In what we can only assume is an artistic choice that us mere mortals can’t comprehend, the pigs have humanoid arms but still crawl around on the floor. It’s certainly something to behold, and if you want a still image that’ll haunt your dreams, check out image 13 on the post or just follow this link.

Now that we’ve shared that horror with you, you too will never sleep again. There are a lot of jokes along the same lines in the comments, but Cirelectric seems to be taking it in their stride. We’ve got a huge amount of respect for the amount of effort that something like this takes; we’re just also kind of scared now.

If you’re up for a little bit more horror within the world of Minecraft, then you should have a look at this YouTubers version of Pac-Man. If you’re also looking for a bit more of a challenge from the big bosses in the game, then this mod should have you covered.

Image credit: Cirelectric / Reddit

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