The Minecraft marketplace is full of distraction microtransactions

Minecraft is a game of unlimited potential but it's far better received when people take the lead and it's not a microtransaction on the Minecraft marketplace

Minecraft marketplace

Minecraft allows players to express themselves however they want, making it one of the best sandbox games available. You can play how you want, look how you want, and, thanks to the wealth of Minecraft mods, even change every little thing to be whatever you want. A lot of that is free as long as you’ve bought the game. Things get a little murkier when it comes to the Minecraft marketplace, where money exchanges hands.

The Minecraft marketplace has been around for a while, but because it’s only on the Bedrock edition and console versions of the game, it’s not something that a lot of Java players might be familiar with. That’s all different now that the two versions are in one place though. With more people exposed to the Minecraft marketplace, it’s not surprising that there are some teething troubles.

A Redditor called Boredbud04 uploaded a small video clip showing off some of the ‘Back Items’ from the marketplace. These are cosmetics that take up a generally unused slot that can add a little bit of flair to characters. Unlike many skins, though, they’re also a little more ostentatious because they change the shape of your character. While some are just wings, it’s hard not to notice how large they are when they start obstructing the market screen itself.

The biggest offender, in every sense, is Inner Ghosts, the pink one that Boredbud04 highlights second. This bit of back bling, if you’ll forgive the Fortnite terminology, would take up the entire screen if it was in the centre. This seems like a huge issue if you’re going into multiplayer games because you could easily troll people by just standing in front of them. All of this costs money, which isn’t inherently an issue as someone has gone through the effort of making it, but it feels a little uncomfortable.

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