Minecraft now has a gigantic working version of Minesweeper

Minesweeper is a game many of us have played and nobody really understands and now you can play a version of it in Minecraft that runs on Redstone

A massive floating structure in Minesweeper is actually a working version of Minesweeper, created by YouTuber CraftyMasterman

Minecraft creators literally can’t stop adding new games, and we don’t want to stop them. At the end of March, we wrote about a player who’d recreated Wordle in the game, and today we’re bringing you someone who has recreated the legendary Minesweeper using Redstone and an ungodly number of moving parts.

The map comes from CraftyMasterman, who put a post up on Reddit showing it off. The video doesn’t show much aside from the scale of the device you’ll be using to play it, but it looks incredible. Lava is used to represent the numbers, and there’s even a little handheld map of sorts to look at as you’re playing that replicates what’s going on on the board.

If you’re interested in seeing how this came to be, you can watch a video of it on CraftyMasterman’s YouTube channel. It turns out that this build was part of a massive Redstone build contest with a sizeable prize pool – $10,000 USD was up for grabs for whoever could come up with the most impressive Redstone creation.

While CraftyMasterman couldn’t finish his build in time for the competition judging, he decided to press on anyway after staking his reputation as a redstone legend on it. He spent another two weeks working on it, going through multiple iterations before triumphantly presenting a working version to the competition’s judges.

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Even as a veteran Minecraft player, the sheer complexity of the build is staggering. The builder has to not only create the board itself, which is massive, but they also need to make it display numbers, count the number of TNT blocks around it, and also randomize it in a compelling enough way to make the game fun. Needless to say, it’s way more than your average Minecraft player could do, or ever have the patience to attempt.

It’s an extraordinary example of what’s possible in Minecraft, and better yet, you can play around in the world yourself by downloading it here. Just make sure to run the download through virus stuff just in case; always practice safe downloading.

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