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This giant Minecraft chicken hides a terrifying secret

The giant Minecraft chicken cometh

Minecraft giant chicken design

The idea of a giant chicken should keep you up at night. What a terrifying, monstrous threat from the deepest pits of hell that would be. Reddit user FancyGames has clearly sought to get over this fear that we all carry with us by creating a giant “working” chicken within Minecraft.

At first glance, the chicken doesn’t appear all that big. “I could handle that chicken,” I exclaimed mere seconds before remembering that big things look small when you’re far away from them and that this particular chicken could indeed gobble me whole in one swift peck. But then FancyGames opens the little roof hatch and reveals the true horror that lurks inside – an army of smooshed-together normal-sized chickens unleashing a devastating bombardment of eggs from their Trojan horse’s – sorry – Trojan chicken’s rear end.

For those of you brave enough to tempt fate and build your own giant chicken, let this creation act as both an inspiration and a warning. Fowl of any kind are not to be messed with; their revenge will be brutal.

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A working giant chicken. from r/Minecraft

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