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You expected a Jojo Minecraft mod, but it was me, Dio!


There are two constants in this world of inescapable, ever-changing memes: Minecraft and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Now we can put our chocolate with our peanut butter, thanks to the latest in Minecraft mods. A full Jojo Minecraft texture pack transforms the world of the block builder into, er, ZA WARUDO of the block-builder.

All the basics are covered – diamonds and their resulting equipment transform into Crazy Diamond variants. Emeralds are Hierophant Green. Ender pearls are The Hand. Flint and steel bring their fire-making power to Magician’s Red. Mobs get the treatment too – Creepers become Killer Queen, Husks turn into Diavolo, and you thought they were zombies, but it was him, Dio!

Item names naturally get changed to match all the new aesthetics, and there are more extensive cosmetic changes, too. The main menu gets a facelift with loads of Jojo art along with messages like “ora ora” and “yare yare daze,” and a selection of music disks now play tracks from the show.

You can grab the mod through CurseForge.

Or check out the changes in the video above.

Minecraft player count continues to reach frankly absurd highs, so there’s likely no limit to the types of ridiculous Minecraft skins you can don in the future.