Minecraft player lovingly recreates the game’s first trailer

Minecraft, through countless different builds and mods, has been out for almost 11 years, and it's great to see in this trailer just how far it's come

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With all the updates, versions, builds, and mods, it’s hard to believe how far Minecraft has come. The full game was released all the way back in 2011, but even before that, it had been in Early Access since 2009. It’s easy to forget just how much has been and gone in that time, especially if you’ve not actually played it since it first came into the world. Thankfully, this new trailer gives a beautiful insight into all that’s changed.

This is a fan-created recreation of the original Minecraft trailer. Redditor RedAdventurer11 posted their updated take on Mojang’s first big tease, and it’s a joy to watch, especially if you compare it to the original. It follows the same general path as the official one, but shows off all of the new features and biomes that have come to the game over the last decade.

I remade the original Minecraft trailer with the Minecraft we have today! from Minecraft

Frankly, it does a far better job of selling the game just because of how much new content has been added. Also, as user LennyTheSpider points out, RedAdventurer11 actually made a point of representing the big updates in order. That section starts at around 58 seconds, and shows off the ice spikes from 1.7, ocean monuments from 1.8, end city fights from 1.9, and so on.

It’s a great little detail that really helps to build a sense of progression and time into the video itself. It’s also not something that RedAdventurer11 was expecting people to notice – but the Minecraft community never ceases to amaze. This revitalised trailer is a wonderful bit of nostalgia, and it’s hard not to smile watching it.

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