Minecraft Now promises the best day ever with Spongebob DLC

June's Minecraft Now unveiled the new Minecraft Spongebob DLC in all its underwater glory, a vast adventure where you get to build the best day ever

Minecraft Now June - Spongebob DLC

If you missed the June Minecraft Now, the video series that gives players a look at how different aspects of the game work and sneak peeks at what’s coming up including new Spongebob DLC, we’ve got you covered. Minecraft Now: June aired June 30 at 5pm BST, and it was packed with a deep-dive into what’s coming to Minecraft, including a vast new Spongebob Adventure launching “soon,” whenever that is.

Mojang went over a number of interesting details about The Wild update, including what went into making the mangroves, some information about the creation of the monstrous Warden, and also some general chats about The Wild update. If you want to watch it for yourself, you’ll be happy to know that it’s already  on YouTube, so you can catch up in your own time.

Much like the Lightyear DLC, the upcoming Minecraft Spongebob DLC is an official adventure, one that takes us to the depths of Bikini Bottom in an impressive recreation of Spongebob’s hometown. Everything from Spongebob’s iconic pineapple to Mermaid Man’s retirement home is there, and your task is helping Spongebob make this the best day ever. You can even give Gary a friendly pat and try to make Squidward smile by playing his favorite instrument, though good luck with that one.

How to watch Minecraft Now June

You can watch June’s Minecraft Now on the Minecraft YouTube channel.

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It’ll surprising just how much detail the team put into Bikini Bottom. Along with 1:1 recreations of Spongebob’s pineapple and the Krusty Krab, you can take a boat drive out to Jellyfish Fields and catch some jellyfish, just for fun. Or mosey over to visit Mr Krabs and help deal with waves of ravenous customers clamoring for a Krabby Patty or 10.

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If you’re in the mood for seeing some other DLCs and picking some stuff up for free, you’ll be happy to know that the Minecraft marketplace is having a big old sale at the moment.