Minecraft Warden – everything we know

A terrifying new mob awaits you in the Caves and Cliffs update

Minecraft Warden mob guide

Want to know a little more about the new Minecraft Warden mob? If you missed the Minecon 2020 showcase then that may prove beneficial for your chances of getting a good night’s sleep in the months ahead, as you’ll have avoided seeing a scary new cave-dwelling mob called The Warden.

The Warden patrols the deepest areas of caverns and is the only blind mob in the game. So, what makes Warden so frightening? Well, that lack of sight doesn’t mean Warden can’t track you down. Warden uses sound to locate the player, which means you have to be very sneaky to avoid a confrontation with this new mob – if you’re smart you can throw items like snowballs to get Warden to head in another direction. However, if you find yourself exposed and with nowhere to go then you will have to take on this powerful beast.

Join us as we go through everything Mojang has shared on one of the spookiest Minecraft mobs in the game, from its damage output and health pool, to its movement characteristics and its spawn location.

Minecraft Warden spawn

Warden spawns in the Deep Dark biome, so you’ll need to be very far into a cavern expedition to run across this mob.

It’s not clear in the gameplay clip of Warden, but it seems that Warden spawns in relation to the structure in the cave. Either that or the Skulk blocks.

Minecraft Warden damage and health

We don’t know the Warden’s health pool as the player doesn’t manage to beat it in the clip of gameplay that’s been shared. However, it has to be at least over 85 because of the weapons and the number of strikes we see the player land.

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As for the Warden’s attacking damage, we are told the player in the clip is wearing full Netherite armor and still goes down in a matter of swings. One attack dishes out 13 damage to Netherite armor, which is absurd. We don’t currently know if the Warden has a droppable item as it’s not in the game yet.

Minecraft Warden movement

Wardens will shuffle around reacting to noises it detects with the skulk in its torso. Whenever the Warden passes a light, it will flicker because of the dark nature of this mob. Should the player opt to sneak past it, then as long as they don’t make a sound, the Warden will harmlessly pass them. Throwing snowballs can help distract the Warden long enough to slip by.

However, when alerted to a player’s presence or when attacked, the Warden appears to move slightly differently. If an arrow strikes a Warden, it initially moves slowly, but then rapidly speeds up. The Warden will still attack the player if its attacked with poison, wither, and other status effects on the first attack.

Despite this, it does not look like the Warden can outrun a player, so if you have a clear escape route and enough stamina you should probably take it. Its heart also has an audible heartbeat that will get louder and the heart will flash more often as the Warden is attacked by players.

That’s all we know about Warden and the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update for now, but we’ll be sure to update this page as soon as we know more. And if you like mobs, then be sure to read up on the cute Minecraft Axolotl, which might just be the sweetest critter in the game.

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