Minecraft 1.19 The Wild features

Here's all the latest news and details on The Wild update including the 1.19 release date, new biomes, Minecraft mobs, features, and more

Minecraft 1.19 the wild update release date: Minecraft concept art showing a forest and blue skies

So you want to know about the Minecraft 1.19, The Wild update? First announced in October 2021, The Wild update is a major addition to the Java edition of the beloved sandbox game and it is now live.

The update includes a bunch of new features, from new biomes such as the Deep Dark and Mangrove swamp, new Minecraft mobs like The Warden and the allay mob, which won the Minecraft mob vote in 2021. The Minecraft 1.19 The Wild update also features new world generation such as ancient cities that spawn in the Deep Dark – an area that only spawns underground. The Deep Dark also features new items like echo shards and disc fragments.

You can make clay or mud brinks thanks to the new Mud block, which you craft by mixing soil with water. There's also a new enchantment, and Frogs will debut during this update. Here’s everything we know about the Minecraft 1.19 release date, as well as a summary of the key features.

Minecraft 1.19 features

Deep dark biome

The new Deep Dark biome spawns underground within the Deepslate layer, and will come with new blocks, and can spawn things like Ancient cities. The Warden spawns in this biome.


You can get mud by pouring water on dirt – true both in real life, and when it comes to the new mud block. You can place a mud block on top of dripstone to drain the moisture out and turn it to clay, or you can turn it into mud bricks for a new building material.

Mangrove trees and mangrove swamp biome

The Wild will feature a major swamp update including mangrove trees. Mangrove trees will grow from propagules which can be planted underwater or on land, and they’ll grow up into big masses of root blocks with vines hanging down around them. You can harvest them for a new wood type. You’ll also find full-on mangrove swamp biomes.

Boats with chests

Perhaps most importantly, we’re also getting boats with chests in them – pretty self-explanatory. The devs suggest the wider rivers introduced with the new world generation features will be a perfect excuse to take your storage-enhanced boats out for a spin.

Allay mob

The allay mob, which won the vote, will be part of 1.19 too. It’s a small blue fairy-like creature that collects items for you and loves to dance.


Frogs will start as tadpoles (which you can put into a bucket), and grow into one of three variant frogs – snowy, swamp, or tropical – based on the temperature of the biome they mature in. Frogs will hop toward lily pads when they can – they might also be tempted into a fall by dripleaves.

Originally, Frogs were going to be able to eat another planned new addition in 1.19 – Fireflies. It was revealed however that these luminous bugs weren’t going to be introduced in The Wild update after all. They may still turn up in a future release, but probably as their own thing.

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That’s everything you need to know about the Minecraft 1.19 ‘The Wild’ update. For more Minecraft tips check out our guide to Minecraft enchantments, as well as the best Minecraft skins to make your avatar the coolest to ever reach The End.