Minecraft potion of weakness recipe and use

The Minecraft potion of weakness is one of the best, thanks to a very unique ability, so here’s the recipe to make it, and how to use it.

Best Minecraft potions: A zombie villager with yellow particles around him having been weakened with splash potion of weakness and fed a golden apple.

Want to know how to make a Minecraft potion of weakness? This is one of the best Minecraft potions around due to a very unique ability that can be used to benefit you in a number of ways, particularly in an ongoing survival world.

Each of the many Minecraft potions has a unique use, from making yourself invisible, to allowing you to breathe underwater and even resist fire, some can save you from harm, while others can inflict negative effects on enemies and Minecraft mobs. These uses are usually pretty self-explanatory. However, one particular potion, the Minecraft splash potion of weakness, has a special use, integrated into a specific mechanic in the survival game.

Best Minecraft potion of weakness: a zombie villager is locked away as it heals from a potion of weakness and a golden apple.

Splash potion of weakness use

The Minecraft splash potion of weakness does what it says on the tin – weakens. However, this potion is a pivotal part of a more complex Minecraft mechanic involving zombie villagers. Using a splash potion of weakness to hinder a zombie villager allows you to feed it a golden apple, and it will eventually revert to a normal villager. So what, though? Sure, there are plenty of normal villagers around, but healed villagers offer heavily discounted rates on their trades. The best use for this potion, then, is to create a villager trading hall, entice a zombie to munch on villager flesh and infect them, then turn them back. Voila! Think of all the bargains to be had.

How to heal a zombie villager

To heal a zombie villager using splash potion of weakness:

  • Throw splash potion of weakness at the zombie villager.
  • When particles are visible, use a golden apple on the villager.
  • Wait!

Like normal zombies, zombie villagers die when exposed to sunlight, so make sure your zombie villager is somewhere with a roof. Zombie villagers are also hostile mobs so do attack – keep your distance and try to lead it somewhere you can trap it.

Best Minecraft potion of weakness recipe, a brewing stand ui with blaze powder and gunpowder making a splash potion of weakness.

Splash potion of weakness recipe

To make a splash potion of weakness, you will need a brewing stand, a water bottle, nether wart, blaze powder, gunpowder, and a fermented spider eye.

  • Place the water bottle (up to three) into the brewing stand.
  • Put blaze powder in the fuel slot.
  • Insert nether wart into the ingredient slot, and wait for your awkward potion to brew.
  • Leave the awkward potion and fuel where they are, add the fermented spider eye to the ingredient slot, and wait for your potion of weakness to brew.
  • Finally, leaving the potion and fuel again, add gunpowder to the ingredient slot to turn your potion(s) into splash potions. This is essential to be able to throw the potion at an opponent or zombie villager.

Now you know how to make a Minecraft splash potion of weakness, one of the best potions in the sandbox game, why not try building a villager trading hall. Get numerous villagers into their own trading rooms, complete with their profession blocks and beds, infect them all, heal them, and reap the rewards. To do this, find two villagers in a Minecraft village and use our guide to breed them, resulting in as many as you could wish to trade with. This crazy and fun mechanic is just one of the many reasons Minecraft remains one of the best PC games of our time, and we’re sure there’ll be many more to come in future updates, including when the Minecraft 1.20 release date rolls around later this year.