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If Valve won’t make Portal 3, you can with Minecraft Realms

With the new Minecraft Realms Plus update, you can do everything from building a jungle-themed zoo to creating your own would-be sequel to Valve's Portal games.

Minecraft gives us a perfect blend of all of the best qualities a good sandbox game should have. From the diverse biomes to the various building blocks, the creative outlet provided by Minecraft is simply unmatched. The game’s availability on pretty much every platform and its constant updates also help keep its community thriving, and the new Realms Plus additions are no exception. With a little bit of everything, whether that be Portal guns or ridiculous biomes, there’s plenty here to get your creative energy going.

A whopping 26 new pieces of content have come to hook you back into your Minecraft Realms this summer. You can take on some friends in thrilling aquatic combat (yep, water guns), adventure through deserts and mushroom kingdoms, build your own zoo, and much more. To access the update’s full new catalog, you will need to subscribe to Realms Plus.

Some highlights include the Ultimate Survival Biomes pack, which includes ten new biomes, buried treasure to find, and adventures galore. There is also the Jungle Zoo pack, which lets you befriend 70 different wild animals, explore their habitats during jungle safaris, and run your own zoo.

A male Minecraft character standing beside a bright green, oval-shaped portal

Mob Mechs, another new content pack included with Realms Plus, lets you roam the world in a giant Gundam-like robot suit. Portal Blasters, on the other hand, is an ode to everyone’s favorite puzzle game. If Valve won’t make Portal 3, why don’t you? The June update also brings other miscellaneous content, from Aqua Weapons that let you engage in water gun fights to a few new texture packs.

You can check out the full Realms Plus update details on Mojang’s website here if you want to learn more about the incoming additions. The Minecraft Realms Plus subscription is free for the first 30 days, costing $7.99 per month afterwards.

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