I visited the French president’s Minecraft server so you don’t have to

Minecraft isn't immune to the election cycle anymore as Emmanuel Macron launches a new server to help his re-election campaign next month

A poster of the French president in a Minecraft server

You can go and visit Emmanuel Macron’s Minecraft server if you want to. That’s an odd sentence to write, but here we are in 2022, where the sky’s the limit, and Minecraft news can go from being about recreating Wordle one day, to a political campaign the next. You certainly can’t argue that games aren’t political when things like this happen.

The server was announced over on Twitter via @avecvous. Avec vous, which translates to “with you” in English, is part of Emmanuel Macron’s campaign message, as the current president is aiming to be re-elected next month. It’s a nice message, but we’ll leave French politics to the French.

Instead, let’s talk about the server itself. You spawn in a town square of sorts, often filled with Among Us characters, at least in our experience, and if you look around, you’ll be able to see the Élysée Palace, which is where the president lives while in power. It’s not the full building, because that thing is enormous, but more of a facsimile of it. As a result, while it’s clear what it’s meant to be, it somewhat detracts from the grandeur of the real-world building.

Inside that building are a few signs and some clerical staff you can sort of interact with, but the main attraction has to be the town area itself. This Minecraft server is replete with posters advertising Macron, with a couple paying special attention to an upcoming rally he’s holding.

A player walks past a French building on Macron's Minecraft server

Walking around strange Minecraft servers is one of the game’s greatest joys, though I have to wonder how effective a political message is going to be when so much of Minecraft’s audience has not yet reached voting age. It was this sort of thing that got Joe Biden banned from Animal Crossing, after all.

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