Minecraft devs fix another bug that’s been there for eight years

Another ancient Minecraft bug gets fixed ahead of Caves & Cliffs

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means – another Minecraft snapshot is here, with another selection of early access features ahead of the 1.17 release date. Well, actually, today’s update is pretty light on features, as the devs appear to be buckling down on bug fixes ahead of the first part of Caves & Cliffs launching this summer. And those fixes include some very old bugs.

We already noted a fix for an eight-year-old bug in snapshot 21w18a earlier this month, and now another eight-year-old issue is getting fixed. This one is actually a month older, and has been lingering in the official Minecraft issue tracker since October 26, 2012.

Until now, world generation in Minecraft would occasionally place things like grass, flowers, and snow in the wrong places, so you’d occasionally see things like grass floating over water or snow in a lava pit. No more! Well, mostly – trees are still susceptible to occasionally pop in places where they shouldn’t, but otherwise the issue is resolved.

You can get the full snapshot 21w20a notes on the official site, but there’s not a whole lot there, other than the fact that llamas will finally stop harassing you in peaceful mode.

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