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Minecraft farm ideas: layouts for farming in Minecraft

From fishing huts to bunny hutches, here are the best Minecraft farm designs


Looking for some superb Minecraft farm ideas? Farms in Minecraft are an efficient, safe, and relaxing way to get your blocky hands on some much needed resources that you can use to craft Minecraft potions or grow produce to keep you fed and watered. No wonder it makes our list of the best farm games on PC.

You can set up your Minecraft farm close by to your Minecraft house to make a little harvesting haven, from ferrying veggies to your Minecraft kitchen, to raising your little piglets for some tasty stew – sorry piggies. As well as crops and food, Minecraft farms can be set up to harvest blocks and resources such as iron and redstone, especially useful for crafting new items using a Minecraft anvil or for smelting in your Minecraft blast furnace.

If you’re stuck for Minecraft farm designs, here are some ideas for how to lay your farm out, taking inspiration from the latest Minecraft bees update and the Minecraft Nether update. These designs are great for beginners new to Minecraft farms, but also if you need to inject a little creativity into your functional and pretty farm.

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Minecraft starter farm

If you’re just starting out building your first Minecraft farm, here’s exactly what you need from start to finish for a very simple and basic farm. This one is quite large, so you can scale up and down depending on your crop needs, whether that’s farming wheat, potatoes, carrots, or beetroots.

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Minecraft crop farm

This Minecraft crop farm is built with the bee update in mind, creating a grand glasshouse powered by the sweet little critters. As well as looking the part, this innovative Minecraft farm design uses flowers, campfires, and beehives to produce honey and use bees to ferry pollen between the crops to help them grow.

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Minecraft iron farm

This Java Edition iron farm draws on the latest Nether update, using zero redstone, and even including three mini crop farms. This farm is quite compact making use of villagers, zombies, and iron golems (which you can also farm using our Minecraft iron golem farm guide), making it a great addition for your village.

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Minecraft animal farm

No, not the George Orwell type. This simple and easy to build animal pen design can be scaled up for any of your farmyard friends, from rabbits to cows, it’s a wonderful addition to a Minecraft farm, complete with a sleeping area, food, water trough, and storage. We like to plonk our animal farm on top of a hill outside a Minecraft village and spend hours tending to our cattle and watching the world go by.

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Minecraft AFK fish farm

This fishing hut is the perfect way to complete your Minecraft farm, it’s small and compact and doesn’t require too much resource to create. To get the best from this fishing shack, upgrade or enchant your fishing rod, and you can even store chests, a Minecraft enchanting table, or Minecraft grindstone in the hut, adding flowers for a finishing touch. The basement can be expanded however you want, so you can squeeze as much in as you want.

These Minecraft farm ideas are sure to keep you busy, but you can always try out these cool Minecraft tower designs in the meantime, set out on an adventure for netherite armour, or make your farm shine with these Minecraft shaders.

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