Tatooine and Coruscant took a year to build in Minecraft, and the whole Star Wars galaxy is next

One Minecraft player has already rebuilt Tatooine and Coruscant, and plans to do the entire Star Wars galaxy

Star Wars planet Coruscant recreated as a Minecraft map

Minecraft has proven to be a terrific outlet for creative players, and has hosted some of the most ambitious creations the gaming community has ever undertaken. But once people started building the entire Earth in Minecraft, what could possibly top it? How about an entire galaxy? The entire Star Wars galaxy, to be precise.

Player vistachess has spent the past year building Tatooine and Coruscant as part of an effort to get the whole Star Wars galaxy in an open world adventure map. The map was created with a combination of WorldPainter and WorldEdit, as vistachess explains on Reddit, and you can see a bit of the process in a making-of video on YouTube.

Building the whole Star Wars galaxy sounds impossibly ambitious, but even if this project were to end now, the recreations of Tatooine and Coruscant are already astounding in scope and detail. Tatooine features everything from the whole of Mos Eisley to the most obscure outlying homesteads, and the massive city-planet of Coruscant similarly features everything from the senate building to Dex’s diner and uncountable little buildings in between.

You can download the map for yourself if you’re running Minecraft 1.12.2, or simply take a closer look in the video below.

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