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Minecraft player demonstrates all the ways you can glitch through walls

They're more like guidelines than actual walls

Minecraft‘s walls are really more suggestions than actual walls – even the ones you can’t mine through. When you absolutely, positively must force your way through some bedrock, there are always wall glitches to take advantage of. It turns out that there are numerous ways to make a mockery of walls in Minecraft, and one player has gone to the trouble of making a video to demonstrate them all.

Redditor Vilder50 shows off all the options. You can, for example, toss an Ender Pearl at your feet to get teleported through a wall. You can set yourself on fire and take advantage of the damage ticks to propel yourself over a fence. And you can take advantage of glitches with pretty much any rideable object or creature in the game to skirt through the laws of physics.

There are also the issues introduced by the crawling system. See, Minecraft has a sort of secret feature that lets you crawl along the ground. Normally, you’re not supposed to be able to fit in a one-block space, but certain gates can shove you into a crawling state – which, yep, you can use to squeeze through spaces that you otherwise should not be able to bypass.

Also, you can just put a boat on a wall, get into the boat, and then boom, you’re on top of the wall. There’s a simple Road Runner logic to that which I can’t help but love.

"walls" from Minecraft

Some of these glitches have been with the game for ages, like the Ender Pearl, though the pig glitches seem to be more recent – hence the bug report, which explains how it works. This is all done in Java, on the latest 1.16.2 patch.

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