We still can’t believe this Minecraft zipline is real

The Minecraft subreddit's biggest post ever shows one of the most complex-looking contraptions we've ever seen in the game: a zipline

A character sits in the chair of a Minecraft zipline

The Minecraft subreddit is an absolute fountain of cool stuff for new and old players alike. There are always new discoveries on there, incredible Minecraft builds, and even some useful tips too. It’s worth visiting, even if you’re not a Redditor, because of the sheer wealth of things to see there. However, one post stands above all others on Reddit. It’s the most upvoted Minecraft post of all time. and it’s about one very cool zipline.

The zipline appeared on the Minecraft subreddit two years ago thanks to a user called ShrimpySeagull, and it’s honestly hard to believe it’s real. ShrimpySeagull put the 92 second-long video up with a title explaining it uses over 1,000 command blocks. Command blocks are a special kind of block that a lot of players will probably never try, that can be used to carry out different commands, and effectively allow players to program things into the game without using mods.

So, while it all looks as though it shouldn’t be possible in the game, it actually is. The animation and functionality of the thing is impressive enough on its own, but the real magic comes when reading ShrimpySeagull’s explanation in the comments. “Basically, virtually everything that composes of the cannon and the chair is an entity of some sort, each with different sizes for different needs.”

Every single part is its own thing, and that means that every block you see moving was programmed to do so. It also uses the fact that teleportation in Minecraft moves things instead of just blinking them in and out of existence, to create the smoothness you see in the video. Also, the chair is an invisible llama.

A ziplining contraption I created with 1000+ command blocks from Minecraft

It’s this kind of ingenuity that really shows off just how powerful the Minecraft community is, and it’s a well-deserved top spot on the subreddit for sure. If you’re looking for other impressive builds, then maybe you should take a look at a user who’s recreating Civilization VI wonders in Minecraft along with the cutscenes.

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