Mirage: Arcane Warfare shuts down a year after launch thanks to GDPR

Mirage Arcane Warfare

Torn Banner Studios has removed Mirage: Arcane Warfare from Steam. If you’ve missed every email in your inbox for the past two weeks, the GDPR went into effect today, and the changes required by the new regulations have spelled the end for some struggling multiplayer games, with Mirage just being the latest title among them.

The game has already been removed from Steam, though if you already own it you’re still free to download and install via your library. Official servers will still be up until May 31, and players will still have the option to run their own public or private servers after that date.

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Mirage is perhaps the most notable of GDPR-related shutdowns, since the game’s barely a year old. Of course, the writing’s been on the wall for some time, as the game’s scarcely been able to maintain 100 players since launch. The one exception is a free giveaway back in September, which saw the game get a million new owners and a peak concurrent player count over 40,000. A significant number of those may have simply been idling for Steam trading cards, but whatever the case, the new players didn’t last long.

With GDPR coming along, the cost of updating privacy measures for the regulations now outweighs the value of the last few players hanging on, and the developers say in the announcement that “We unfortunately have run out of options for keeping Mirage alive.” Both Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and its Deadliest Warrior expansion are unaffected by this shutdown.

It was a similar story for Super Monday Night Combat, which was similarly pulled from Steam last month, with server shutdowns scheduled for two days ago. It was another struggling game which saw its final end thanks to new privacy laws, and though only a tiny handful of people are going to miss it, it’s still one more game that’s now inaccessible to anyone who wants to look back.