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Medieval fantasy game is Palia meets Skyrim, and it’s gorgeous

Start life as a bandit-slaying peasant or an untrustworthy criminal comedian; in fantasy life sim Mirthwood, you can do it all and more.

Mirthwood game

As promised in their brand-new trailer, magical life sim Mirthwood will sweep you off your feet and drop you in an enchanting-yet-dangerous medieval fantasy world. Will you become a peaceful farmer a la Stardew Valley or Palia, or a ferocious warrior in the style of Skyrim? The choice is yours.

The new Mirthwood trailer, which was unveiled by V Publishing on Tuesday March 19, provides a quick rundown of the indie game‘s most important gameplay features, including the extensive character background options and armor effects. Upon starting a new game, players must choose their social class, ranging from peasant to royal, as well as a profession, such as a tinkerer. These choices aren’t mutually exclusive, so yes; you can become a “romantically challenged” royal rat catcher.

The Mirthwood trailer goes on to show lush forests and picturesque towns. Wear something nicer than your tighty-whities before entering though, as the townsfolk will react to your appearance. Dark lord-esque battle armor causes intimidation, while wearing a pumpkin on your head is sure to draw a few laughs.

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When Mirthwood was announced in May 2023, the release date was planned in early 2024. However, the release window has since changed to Q3 2024, so we’ll need a bit of patience before we can start our rat-catching careers. Nonetheless, you can already add Mirthwood to your Steam wishlist.

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