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Monopoly Go – All Monopoly Origins rewards

With the brand-new Monopoly Go stickers and season comes a brand-new main event - here are all of the Monopoly Go Origins rewards right now.

Monopoly Go Origins rewards: Mr Monopoly and his dog look at a gallery wall

What are the Monopoly Go Monopoly Origins rewards? With a brand-new season launching with brand-new stickers, another event has begun in the online board game. As ever, the premise of the event remains the same as last, with the rewards seeing a slight shakeup to keep the grind from wearing thin. This time around, Mr Monopoly is being a little stingy with only a 10-minute High Roller event trigger, though!

Struggling to keep up with all things Monopoly Go? With multiple events kicking off every day, our dedicated Monopoly Go events page can help you to keep on top of what’s going on right now and what might be coming up next. Of course, you can’t complete the events without those precious dice, so our daily-updated list of the latest Monopoly Go dice links can get you there.

Monopoly Go Monopoly Origins rewards

Here are all of the Monopoly Origins rewards and how to earn them:

Milestone Points Reward
1 25 1 Green sticker pack
2 40 20 dice rolls
3 50 Cash
4 125 75 dice rolls
5 55 Cash
6 50 1 Green sticker pack
7 60 10-minute Rent Frenzy
8 250 200 dice rolls, cash
9 75 Cash
10 90 1 Green sticker pack
11 100 Cash
12 800 400 dice rolls, 1 Yellow sticker pack
13 125 1 Yellow sticker pack
14 175 10-minute Cash grab
15 200 Cash
16 1300 600 dice rolls
17 180 Cash
18 200 1 Pink sticker pack
19 250 Cash
20 2000 800 dice rolls, 1 Blue sticker pack
21 350 10-minute High Roller
22 275 Cash
23 400 130 dice rolls
24 500 150 dice rolls
25 600 1 Blue sticker pack
27 800 Cash
28 4000 1400 dice rolls
29 900 5-minute Cash Boost
30 1000 Cash
31 1500 1 Blue sticker pack
32 2000 Cash
33 8000 280o dice rolls, 1 Purple sticker pack
34 2500 Cash
35 3000 1 Purple sticker pack
36 3500 1000 dice rolls
37 6000 Cash, 650 dice rolls
38 4000 30-minute Rent Frenzy
39 4500 1 Purple sticker pack
40 5000 Cash
41 16000 6500 dice rolls, 1 Purple sticker pack

By completing the Monopoly Origins event, you can earn up to 14,725 dice rolls!

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How to play Monopoly Go Monopoly Origins

The Monopoly Go Origins event will show up as a banner in the centre-top portion of the screen if you launch the game during the event period.

To start earning Monopoly Go Origins rewards, you just need to land on Chance, Community Chest, or any Railroad tiles during the event. Chance will add +2 hats, Community Chest +3, and Railroads +5. Land on this with a higher dice multiplier to increase the rewards.

Remember that your points total isn’t cumulative, so your points will reset between milestones – but they soon add up with this many qualifying tiles to land on.

When does Monopoly Go Monopoly Origins end?

The Monopoly Go Origins event ends on January 8th at 7am PT / 10AM ET / 3PM GMT.

This event is four days long in total making it one of the longer events we’ve seen in Monopoly Go recently. It follows the Heartfelt Holidays event, which ended on January 4th.

How to earn more Monopoly Go Origins points

You earn points toward the Monopoly Go Origins rewards by landing on qualifying tiles on the board. If you want to speed things up (and don’t mind the high-risk attribute) you can increase your dice roll multiplier to earn dramatically more Monopoly Go Origins points, or hats, whenever you land on those tiles.

You can increase your dice roll multiplier by tapping the number on the top right of the roll button. The more rolls you have saved up, the higher you’ll be able to increase the multiplier. Keep an eye out for High Roller events, as these allow you to increase your dice multiplier even further.

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