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Monopoly Go New Year’s Eve Bash rewards

Send the new year off with a bang by rolling to your heart's content, lapping up more Monopoly Go New Year's Eve Bash rewards as you up your multiplier.

A splash screen used in Monopoly Go.

What are the Monopoly Go New Year’s Eve Bash rewards? Just in time to see one year off and welcome the next, the latest lot of Monopoly Go rewards should help the biggest roller out there get even more from the popular digital board game. As another limited-time event, you’ll need plenty of dice rolls to see it through to the end. But the more you use, the more you’ll gain, with plenty of other rewards ready to grab along the way.

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Monopoly Go New Year’s Eve Bash rewards

Here are all of the Monopoly Go New Year’s Eve Bash rewards:

Milestone Points Reward
1 5 Cash
2 10 15 dice
3 10 Sticker Pack (2x 1-star)
4 80 125 dice
5 15 Cash
6 20 Sticker Pack (2x 1-star)
7 25 Cash
8 150 225 dice
9 25 Cash
10 30 Rent Frenzy (15-minutes)
11 35 Sticker Pack (2x 1-star)
12 40 Cash
13 425 570 dice
14 45 Sticker Pack (3x 2-star)
15 50 Cash
16 55 Cash
17 800 850 dice
18 60 Cash
19 70 Sticker Pack (3x 3-star)
20 80 Cash
21 1000 1000 dice
22 100 Dice Frenzy (15-minutes)
23 120 Cash
24 130 120 dice
25 700 Cash
26 150 130 dice
27 250 Cash
28 200 Sticker Pack (4x 4-star)
29 225 Cash Boost (5-minutes)
30 2200 1800 dice
31 300 Cash
32 400 Sticker Pack (4x 4-star)
33 500 Cash
34 4500 3750 dice
35 600 Sticker Pack (6x 5-star)
36 700 Rent Frenzy (25-minutes)
37 800 500 dice
38 3500 Cash
39 900 550 dice
40 1000 Sticker Pack (6x 5-star)
41 1100 Cash
42 6500 6500 dice

By completing the whole Monopoly Go New Year’s Eve Bash event,  you can earn up to 16,135 dice rolls for free.

A screenshot showing the Monopoly Go New Years Eve Bash rewards in-game.

How to play Monopoly Go New Year’s Eve Bash

The Monopoly Go New Year’s Eve Bash should trigger automatically if you boot up the game during the event period. You’ll see it as a large banner at the centre-top of the screen, replacing what used to show the Fortune Countdown rewards.

To claim the prizes in the Monopoly Go New Year’s Eve Bash event, you just need to land on the tiles with special Sparkler tokens on them. These will only be visible throughout the event period, so look out for them.

Unlike some other events, where different tiles are worth a different number of points, every Sparkler tile (or Pickups as they’re officially known) awards just two points as standard.

When does the Monopoly Go New Year’s Eve Bash end?

The Monopoly Go New Year’s Eve Bash event ends on January 2nd at 7am PT / 10AM ET / 3PM GMT.

The Monopoly Go New Year’s Eve Bash event started on December 30, 2023 at the times shown above. That’s exactly when the Fortune Countdown event ended. It also lasts the same amount of time as the last at 72 hours (or three total days).

How to earn more Monopoly Go New Year’s Eve Bash points

The points you earn during the Monopoly Go New Year’s Eve Bash may sound fixed at just two points per token, but there’s a way to earn a lot more in the same amount of time.

Getting just two points per token only applies when using the default 1x roll multiplier. Increase your roll multiplier and you’ll see the points awarded on each pickup increase. It’s a high-risk, high-reward kind of event.

Generally speaking, the more rolls you have saved up, the higher you can set your multiplier. It’s a brave play to use something like a 100x multiplier in the hopes of dramatically increasing the Monopoly Go New Year’s Eve Bash points you’ll get when landing on a Sparkler pickup token, but it’s the best way to power through the event if you have plenty of rolls left to spend.

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