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Monopoly Go Rodeo Riders rewards

The Rodeo Riders Monopoly Go main event has arrived and with it comes an abundance of cash-related drops, as well as a huge free dice win.

What are the Monopoly Go Rodeo Riders rewards? A new main event has started, and the Rodeo Riders is the first event to move away from the winter-themed tournaments that have appeared since December.

Every little helps in Monopoly Go, whether that’s getting hold of our Monopoly Go free dice links, or making progress in all of the Monopoly Go events and tournaments. We’ve delved into the game to uncover all potential rewards in Rodeo Riders so you can decide if you want to put the time in to unlock them all or not.

Monopoly Go Rodeo Riders rewards

Milestone Points Reward
1 25 1 x green sticker pack
2 20 Cash
3 40 25 free dice rolls
4 45 Cash
5 150 90 free dice rolls
6 40 Cash
7 50 15-minute Rent Frenzy
8 55 1 x green sticker pack
9 65 Cash
10 375 220 free dice rolls
11 60 Cash
12 75 Cash
13 90 1 x green sticker pack
14 80 Cash
15 100 10-minute Cash Grab
16 850 475 free dice rolls
17 100 1 x yellow sticker pack
18 110 Cash
19 120 50 free dice rolls
20 115 Cash
21 1,300 700 free dice rolls
22 150 1 x pink sticker pack
23 160 Cash
24 175 Cash
25 200 Cash
26 2,000 900 free dice rolls
27 275 1 x blue sticker pack
28 300 10-minute High Roller
29 325 Cash
30 400 100 free dice rolls
31 1,600 Cash
32 450 150 free dice rolls
33 500 Cash
34 650 Cash
35 750 5-minute Cash Drop
36 4,500 1,800 free dice rolls
37 800 Cash
38 900 Cash
39 1,000 1 x blue sticker pack
40 1,500 Cash
41 10,000 3,500 free dice rolls
42 1,600 1 x purple sticker pack
43 1,700 20-minute High Roller
44 1,800 Cash
45 7,000 Cash
46 2,000 800 free dice rolls
47 3,00 1 x purple sticker pack
48 3,500 Cash
49 4,000 Cash

By clearing the Monopoly Go Rodeo Riders event, you can earn 8,710 dice rolls making it one of the least profitable tournaments for free dice so far.

How to play Monopoly Go Rodeo Riders

If the Monopoly Go Roder Riders banner is at the top of your screen when you play, you’re all set to take part in the event. All you need to do is roll the dice.

For the Rodeo Riders event in Monopoly Go, you need to land on Chance, Community Chest, and Railroad tiles. Chance will give a +2 bonus, Community Chest will give a +3 bonus, and Railroad will give a +5 bonus to any multipliers you have on your dice.

When does the Monopoly Go Rodeo Riders event end?

The Monopoly Go Ski Stars event is set to end on January 31 at 7AM PT / 10AM ET / 3PM GMT. 

At that time it will be replaced by the next Monopoly Go tournament or event, and we’ll publish another guide to the rewards when that happens.

How to earn more Monopoly Go Rodeo Riders points

Not getting through the milestone rewards fast enough? You can earn more Monopoly Go Rodeo Rider points by increasing your dice roll multiplier.

By tapping the green button connected to the dice roll button, you’ll open yourself up to using more dice with every single spin. If you land on a qualifying tile with a multiplier active, you’ll earn more Rodeo Rider points for your dedication.

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