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Monopoly Go Wall Street Wonders rewards

It’s time to become a financial tycoon superstar and claim all of the Monopoly Go Wallstreet Wonders rewards while they’re still on offer

What are the Monopoly Go Wall Street Wonders rewards? No one ever said being rich in Monopoly Go was ever going to be easy, but we can help you on your journey to success by pointing out all of the Wall Street Wonders rewards. That’s right, the holiday period may be over, but there’s already a new event lined up for you to claim free rewards and take your place as the rightful King or Queen of Wall Street.

Monopoly Go is the latest take on the classic board game, turning the family-friendly game into a competition against the world’s best tycoons. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled on our Monopoly Go events guide to spot when the latest batch of free rewards go live. We also have our free Monopoly Go dice links to ensure your dice are ready to roll at a moment’s notice.

Monopoly Go Wall Street Wonders rewards

Here are all the Monopoly Go Wall Street Wonders rewards you can earn:

Milestone Points Rewards
1 5 80 Partner Points
2 10 20 Dice Rolls
3 10 Cash
4 10 Green Sticker Pack
5 55 85 Dice Rolls
6 15 100 Partner Points
7 20 10-Minute Rent Boost
8 20 Green Sticker Pack
9 25 150 Partner Points
10 150 200 Dice Rolls
11 30 Cash
12 35 180 Partner Points
13 35 Green Sticker Pack
14 40 220 Partner Points
15 300 375 Dice Rolls
16 40 Cash
17 45 10-Minute Cash Drop
18 50 Yellow Sticker Pack
19 55 250 Partner Points
20 600 700 Dice Rolls
21 55 Cash
22 60 Pink Sticker Pack
23 65 280 Partner Points
24 60 Cash
25 1,000 1,100 Dice Rolls
26 70 Cash
27 100 10-Minute High Roller
28 110 320 Partner Points
29 125 100 Dice Rolls
30 800 Cash
31 175 350 Partner Points
32 250 Blue Sticker Pack
33 300 225 Dice Rolls
34 280 Cash
35 1,600 1,500 Dice Rolls
36 400 400 Partner Points
37 600 Blue Sticker Pack
38 700 Five-Minute Cash Boost
39 800 500 Partner Points
40 3,000 2,600 Dice Rolls
41 850 Purple Sticker Pack
42 900 600 Partner Points
43 950 650 Dice Rolls
44 3,200 Cash
45 1,000 900 Dice Rolls
46 1,200 Cash
47 1,400 Purple Sticker Pack
48 1,500 800 Partner Points

By completing the Monopoly Go Wall Street Wonders event, you can earn up to 15,455 dice rolls.

How to play Monopoly Go Wall Street Wonders

The Monopoly Go Wall Street Wonders event appears as a banner at the top of the screen – as long as you’re playing during the event period you should see it.

To start earning Monopoly Go Wall Street Wonders rewards, simply land on any of the four corner spaces on the board (Go, Go to Jail, Free Parking, and Just Visiting).

When does Monopoly Go Wall Street Wonders end?

The Monopoly Go Wall Street Wonders event ends on January 13 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 6PM GMT. This follows the recently-ended Monopoly Go Top Hat event.

How to earn more Monopoly Go Wall Street Wonders points

The main way to earn Monopoly Go Wall Street Wonders points is by landing on the four corner squares on the board. You can speed up this process by increasing your dice roll multiplier, earning you more points whenever you land in the correct spaces. This does require you to have lots of rolls saved up, and there’s no guarantee you’ll land on the squares regardless of how high your multiplier is.

That’s all you need to know about the Monopoly Go Wall Street Wonders event. If you ever want to take your high-roller career to the next level, definitely give our best tycoon games list a read to discover similar games to Monopoly Go. We also have a list of the best free PC games if you want to maximize your enjoyment without spending a penny.