Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak release date

Everything you need to know about the upcoming expansion to Monster Hunter Rise, from details about the new setting, to a list of all the new monsters

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak release date: a Hunter, Palamute, and Palico are squaring off against a Malenzo in some ruins

Want to know when the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak release date is? Announced during Tokyo Game Show last year, the upcoming expansion for Monster Hunter Rise adds a whole new region of monsters to hunt in one of the best co-op games available. If the DLC for Monster Hunter World is anything to go by, the Sunbreak expansion will have just as much stuff to do as the base game.

The best news is that while we PC owners were late to the party, the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak release date is at the same time as the Nintendo Switch version. This simultaneous release date means that, on PC, you can get the best-looking visuals and smoothest performance when hunting the dragon-like flagship monster Malzeno.

If you want the best performance, you should consult our Monster Hunter Rise system requirements guide and if you’re still on the fence on whether you should get it, you can also read our Monster Hunter Rise review. For now, let’s get into all of the juicy details we know already about Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, beginning with that all-important release date.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak release date

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak release date is June 30, 2022. The DLC will be available in both standalone and digital versions, as well as a full package for the base game and the expansion. Check out the Steam page for more information.

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How to access Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Monster Hunter World’s expansion, Iceborne, requires players to complete the base game’s campaign before starting the DLC. Rise’s DLC entry requirement is likely to be similar, so to play the Sunbreak DLC, you may have to finish the ‘Serpent Goddess of Thunder’ mission, a seven-star Gathering Hub quest.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak new setting

In Sunbreak, you set sail from the cosy Japanese village of Kamura on board the Argosy towards a faraway land called ‘The Citadel’, a new region with European-style architecture. From the Outpost Elgado, you take on quests to aid the Knights of the Royal Order by hunting monsters in lush forests and icy mountains.

In the Citadel, Hunters can find new endemic life to help them fight the new monsters. For example, morphed Wirebugs give your hunter buffs to mounted combat or an increase to monster part drop rates depending on their colour. Meanwhile, Marionette Spiders allow you to ensnare monsters in a silky trap and drag them in a single direction, potentially slamming them into walls.

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak new monsters

So far, we know of six monsters coming to Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Technically, four of them are new to the game, though one of them is a subspecies variant. Meanwhile, the other two are returning monsters from older Monster Hunter games.

Every Monster Hunter game and its expansion has a flagship monster for Sunbreak, that’s Malzeno. As one of the new ‘three lords’ terrorising The Citadel, the design of this European-style dragon resembles gothic vampires such as Count Dracula. Its trailer also hints that this is a blood-sucking carnivore as we hear it sucking up blood as we see it feasting on the flesh of a Rathalos.

Another of the three lords is Lunagaron, an ice element fanged wyvern whose sleek wolf-like design keeps it distinct from Tobi-Kadachi. Its icicle spikes stand on one end, much like monsters like Magnamalo and Zinogre, but when enraged it takes on more of a werewolf-like stance, slashing furiously with its sickle-like claws.

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The last completely new monster, and the final lord, is Garangolm, a simian covered completely in stone armour who can channel the power of two separate elements into each of its fists: fire and water. It can also lift chunks of earth from the ground to knock hunters off their feet.

New forms of monsters from Monster Hunter Rise also make their debut in Sunbreak. One subspecies is the Blood Orange Bishaten. It acts in much the same way as its fruit-yeeting cousin, except it throws pinecones that explode after a short time.

One returning monster that we know of so far is Shogun Ceanataur, who we got a glimpse of in a Facebook-only trailer. This surprisingly nimble hybrid of a hercules beetle and hermit crab first appears in Monster Hunter 2, burrowing underground to get the jump on unsuspecting hunters, swiping its massive claws to attack. It also shares a similar trait to Great Izuchi and other similar monsters, in that other smaller Ceanataurs join forces with the Shogun to fight against you.

Astalos also makes it into the new Monster Hunter expansion. This electric dragon is a fearsome opponent who is hyper-aggressive to both Hunters and other monsters. Its thunder-infused horn, wings, and tail attacks can paralyse anyone foolish enough to hunt it.

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak new features

In addition to the new monsters, locations, and base camp, here are the other new features coming in the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion:

  • New silkbind moves/attacks for each one of the 14 weapons
  • New Master Rank quests
  • You can now dash, jump, or perform a midair evade to start wallrunning

That’s all we know about Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak right now. More details will be coming in the months leading up to the summer release date, so check back soon. In the meantime, why not check out the best games like Monster Hunter for more challenging hunts?

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