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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will rival the size of the original game

A senior PR representative for Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter: Iceborne will "rival" the size of the basegame

Following the fresh news and first decent gameplay footage of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne that came out of Sony’s State of Play stream last week, a Senior UK and Europe PR representative for Capcom has now revealed that the new Iceborne expansion content size “will rival the original release”. Better start hunting for those bytes to free up on your hard drives now, then.

With the minimum requirements for the basegame on Steam needing 30GB of free disk space, we can expect Iceborne, the game’s first major expansion, to be a pretty big deal. We already know that it will feature its own complete story, picking up after the events of the hugely-successful Monster Hunter: World with a brand-new arctic environment, as well as monsters to hunt, and armour and weapons to forge, within it.

Though no release date for the PC version has yet been announced, it is expected to drop in Winter 2019, hopefully hot on the heels of the September 9th release date announced for the console versions.

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