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Monster Hunter: World has now sold 13 million copies

July 18, 2019 Monster Hunter: World has now sold 13 million copies worldwide.

Monster Hunter: World has further cemented its place as Capcom’s biggest-selling game ever. In a post on the official Monster Hunter Twitter channel, the studio has revealed that it’s hit yet another milestone – it’s now shipped 13 million units worldwide. And there’s a treat in store for players to celebrate.

The tweet says “we’re celebrating by giving everyone a special item pack! Look out for these useful items when you claim your Daily Login Bonus between July 25 and August 29.” From the tweet’s image, this pack looks to be just the thing to help Hunters celebrate some big sales. It’ll include an attack jewel, three gold Wyverian prints, three heavy armour spheres, plus 13 appreciation tickets, and 13 silver eggs.

This new figure follows a press release in May, in which the company revealed that sales of the game since its launch in January 2018 had surpassed 12 million. At the time Capcom said that “Monster Hunter: World, which shook up the market last year, broke 12 million cumulative units shipped following the additional release of the PC version, marking a record high for any single title in the Company’s history.” Capcom had previously announced that the series as a whole has surpassed 50 million copies sold.

Monster Hunter: World was already an astronomical success almost as soon as it launched August 9. It quickly rose to the number four slot on Valve’s client by current player numbers, and cracked the top ten of Steam’s biggest concurrent player counts – ever.

Hours after it launched on Steam, concurrent player counts exceeded 200,000, putting Monster Hunter just behind Steam’s regular top three trio of PUBG, Dota 2, and CS:GO. Even in fourth place, that put Capcom’s game beyond the likes of GTA5, Rainbow Six Siege, and even massive free-to-play titles like Warframe – it’s an astronomical degree of success no matter how you slice it.

You can watch the numbers rise on Steam for yourself. Steam Charts keeps track of all-time peak user counts, and Monster Hunter: World is in the top ten. It’s also surpassed any other Japanese game in Steam history, and by extension it’s Capcom’s biggest PC title, too.

Monster Hunter: World sales numbers already painted it as Capcom’s biggest game ever, and that was announced just a handful of months after the console release back in January 2018. It seems the lengthy delay for this port didn’t do much to dampen anticipation for the series first jump to western PCs. SteamSpy estimates the number of PC copies currently owned is anywhere between five and ten million.

If you’re one of the many who’s jumping in for the first time, check out our Monster Hunter: World beginner’s guide. Or, if you’re on the fence, dig into our Monster Hunter: World PC review. (Spoiler: the success is well-deserved.)