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Monster Hunter World is the first Capcom game to sell 14 million

Monster Hunter: World sales continue to grow, cementing its position as Capcom's best-selling title ever

October 7, 2019 Monster Hunter World sales have topped 14 million worldwide.

Iceborne has landed on consoles and Monster Hunter World sales continue to impress. The game has now shipped over 14 million units worldwide – the very first Capcom title to do so. In fact, that’s nearly double the number posted by the venerable publisher’s next-biggest game, Resident Evil 5, and doesn’t even fully account for sales of the new Iceborne expansion.

Monster Hunter World’s 14 million figure appears to include both the base game and the Master Edition bundle which bundles Iceborne. Similarly, Iceborne sales have hit 2.5 million, including both the digital sales of the DLC itself and total sales of Master Edition. So there’s some crossover between the two, but either way the number is impressive.

The Monster Hunter series has now totalled over 58 million units sold, according to Capcom’s press release (via DomsPlaying on Twitter). The next best-selling title in the series is Monster Hunter Freedom 3, which has sold 4.9 million units following its 2010 release on PSP, according to Capcom’s official site.

The new sales figures come alongside news that Monster Hunter characters will appear in a Japanese police campaign promoting cybersecurity. Palicoes will be out on posters to tell kids to “stop reusing passwords.”

Monster Hunter World will soon meet Resident Evil as Capcom worlds collide, but we’re still waiting to see when that make its way to PC. Iceborne itself is set to hit Steam in January.