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Mordhau petition calls for Team Fortress 2’s medieval chat filter

A petition on Mordhau subreddit calls for Team Fortress 2's medieval chat filter to be added to the game

Hark! Away, fighting kobolds! Thine jests and japes in yonder land of Mordhau mightst be about to change…eth. To translate, a petition on Reddit calling to add an Early Modern English-themed chat filter from Team Fortress 2 means that you might soon get to put the medieval in your Mordhau mouthing-off.

Sitting at 1.2k upvotes, the petition on Mordhau’s subreddit offers a glimpse into what an even more immersive rendition of marauding might look like, middle-ages style. Already characterful for in-game laughter and deep, throaty variations of ‘Argh!’ mid-swordplay, Mordhau seems a viable platform for testing out some choice, era-appropriate (sort of) phraseology in the text chat between players.

The Team Fortress chat filter referenced by the petition works by swapping out key words, phrases, and punctuation for Ye Olde English ‘equivalents’ when players chat to each other. For example, ‘lol’ becomes ‘lollery’, ‘groin’ becomes ‘nadchakles’, and ‘haha’ can become ‘and there was much guffawing!’. Excitingly, even the humble exclamation mark can swap out for ‘verily, I say!’.

Just imagine how much a hearty battering could be enhanced by a constant feed of things like, ‘abaft, flailing knouts!’. Being the victim of a spear to the gullet would sting a little less with the help of these phrases. Verily, I sayeth!

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If you’re keen for this kind of feudal fatuity to make its way into the game, perhaps consider heading over to the petition’s page and joining the fray.