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Colossal Morrowind mod now boasts more quests than Bethesda’s game

Morrowind's Tamriel Rebuilt project just got a whole lot bigger with the Andaram expansion, as the mod project hits over 600 quests.

Morrowind Tamriel Rebuilt Andaram: a statue with an axe surrounded by water and structures

The Morrowind Tamriel Rebuilt project continues to be a phenomenal achievement, and the free set of expansions for Bethesda’s classic RPG just got a whole lot better. An entire new region of the Morrowind mainland is available, with hundreds of quests, many more NPCs and dungeons, and biomes to explore.

The pitch for Morrowind’s Tamriel Rebuilt is simple: the 2002 Bethesda release only actually encompasses the island of Vvardenfell and not the mainland, so a team of dedicated modders has been releasing periodical expansions since the RPG game’s release to fill out the mainland with lore-friendly quests, NPCs, landscapes, and more.

Earlier this year I wrote about how Morrowind’s Tamriel Rebuilt mod was closing in on its seventh expansion, Andaram, and it’s finally here. With the 23.10 release version of Tamriel Rebuilt, you can now explore the middle Thirr River, as well as a whole plethora of new, yet familiar landmarks.

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There are over 100 quests, nine faction questlines including vampires and the Andothren Thieves Guild, 30 new dungeons, and two new biomes, with plenty of reasons to explore the previous six Morrowind expansions added back into the project too. You can even explore a new dungeon type, the Dreugh Citadel, as the entire project now boasts over 600 quests. For reference, the original Morrowind and its expansions have around 490 quests, so this fan project now has Bethesda’s own work beat after two decades.

If you’re a big fan of all the in-universe lore in Elder Scrolls games, we’ve also got the lowdown on what to expect from Andaram from the team.

“The villainous Camonna Tong rules the port town of Hlan Oek while its Hlaalu governor has his mind on other matters. The great Temple city of Almas Thirr, first released in 2019’s Aanthirin release, has been expanded and updated and is now open to Imperial influence from the Fighters, Mages, and Thieves Guilds.

Morrowind Tamriel Rebuilt Andaram: a settlement build into the steps and surroundings of some sort of temple

“Even the sleepy fishing village of Idathren has secrets to uncover. And meanwhile, the Dreugh Queen Paruddma hatches alien plots from her Citadel deep beneath Lake Andaram’s placid waters.”

The Tamriel Rebuilt team still isn’t done with Morrowind though, as an eight expansion called Grasping Fortune is on the way which will focus on Great House Hlaalu’s capital city of Narsis.

You can download the newest version of Tamriel Rebuilt right now, which includes all other expansions for the colossal Morrowind mod.

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