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The Elder Scrolls Morrowind’s biggest mod is about to get even bigger

Elder Scrolls Morrowind is still getting a colossal expansion from the Tamriel Rebuilt team that aims to offer up the mainland, and there's now a new update.

The Morrowind project that aims to restore the entire province’s mainland in the third Elder Scrolls RPG game from Bethesda has just uploaded a colossal update, as five more expansions, hundreds of quests, NPCs, and thousands of interior and exterior spaces are still coming to the mod. So if the wait for the Elder Scrolls 6 release date is too much, this Morrowind project will keep you busy for ages.

The original Elder Scrolls Morrowind mostly takes place on an island off the coast of the actual Tamriel province, Vvardenfell, and it’s the Tamriel Rebuilt team that wants to make the entire province of Morrowind actually playable, with new maps, interiors, and exteriors, NPCs, and quests. We actually spoke to the team behind the Morrowind mod a few years ago, if you want even more details.

Last year the Tamriel Rebuilt team actually released two expansions for its Morrowind project, and we’ve now got an update outlining what we can expect next. By my calculations, there are a grand total of five upcoming expansions to enhance the mainland of The Elder Scrolls Morrowind, with a slew of smaller coastal islands also in development as well.

The Elder Scrolls Morrowind's biggest mod is about to get even bigger

If you play the Tamriel Rebuilt mod now, you’re currently looking at around half of the Morrowind mainland, thousands of interior and exterior locations, NPCs, and several hundred quests, with these five upcoming expansions set to add even more to the game.

The next expansion lined up by the Tamriel Rebuilt team is that of Andaram, which will have more than a hundred quests, and add yet another landmass to Morrowind for you to explore. I don’t have the space to even scratch the surface of the sheer amount of content planned, and already added, for Morrowind with this mod expansion, but it’s already like adding multiple games into the Bethesda classic.

I’m constantly floored by Skyrim mods, but this is well and truly some next-level stuff. The Tamriel Rebuilt team is even adhering to all of the official lore too, expanding the world in ways that make sense, making this Morrowind project an absolute must-play.

The Elder Scrolls Morrowind's biggest mod is about to get even bigger

Tamriel Rebuilt Morrowind plans

The team also provided a really handy TL;DR of what it’s cooking up right now, on top of what you can already play of its work in Morrowind, so you can get a sense of the scope below.

  • Completion of more than a hundred new quests for the Andaram expansion.
  • A major expansion and update to Almas Thirr’s exterior, interiors, and quests.
  • Interior work on the Narsis expansion is close to conclusion, and the first quests are now being worked on.
  • Several exterior claims of the new Sundered Scar and all the interiors of the remade town of Darvonis are now finished.
  • The first exteriors for the Othreleth Woods expansions are finished, and interior development has begun.
  • The Tamriel Rebuilt version of the island of Firemoth is very close to being finalized, and a few new islands have been created on the fringes of Morrowind.

You can check out the incredibly in-depth July 2023 update from the Tamriel Rebuilt team for yourself, where you can then download what the team has already made for Morrowind and take that for a spin while you wait for their next expansion.

In the meantime, we’ve got all the greatest games like Skyrim for you, alongside exactly what we think we’ll be getting with the Elder Scrolls 6 setting, considering we know nothing about it yet.