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Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord player count is already bloody ridiculous

Bannerlord is now the biggest Steam launch of 2020

After a long – long – wait, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is finally here, and players are already flocking to the medieval simulation in droves. By player count, the sequel is now the biggest new Steam launch of 2020, mere hours after release, and the numbers are still on the rise.

Mount & Blade II currently boasts a peak of 164,078 concurrent players, as SteamDB shows. That puts it firmly in Steam’s top ten, alongside the likes of perennial favourites like Rainbow Six Siege and Grand Theft Auto V. The previous biggest Mount & Blade release was Warband, which peaked at 33,054 players during a free weekend back in 2014, though that’s perhaps an unfair comparison, since Steam itself has grown by leaps and bounds since then.

2020 has already brought plenty of competition on Steam. Doom Eternal player count peaked at 104,891, and Wolcen hit a peak of 127,542. Mount & Blade II has already outclassed both of them, and it’s still Monday. Sure, a whole lot of people are stuck at home right now, but the player numbers are likely to climb even higher as we continue through the week.

Either way, the developers are already quite happy with the results.

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