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Mount & Blade 2’s upgradeable castles build on historical architecture

mount blade 2 bannerlord castles

TaleWorlds have another set of details to share on Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, this time on the game’s castles and fortresses. That includes both their approach to historical accuracy and how the castles will function in gameplay terms.

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They’re drawing on historical precedent for the architecture of their fictional realms, using real-world precedent while picking and choosing what to use for the factions of Calradia. One particular example is the British Isles, whose forts evolved over time with waves of invaders and settlers. The developers ultimately decided to focus on hill forts and earthwork ramparts rather than later Norman influences – but that level of consideration is something they want to bring to every faction.

In more concrete terms, castles begin at level one and can be upgraded up to level three. Those upgrades might mean taller towers, better positions for defences, thicker walls for larger troop formations, or greater gatehouse coverage. On the attacking side, that means your strategy changes against sturdier defences, so while a straight gatehouse attack would work against a level one castle, it’ll be far less effective against upgraded versions.

Natural defences also make a big difference, but they may restrict a castle’s growth over time. Players will also be able to take advantage of positioning, with high towers keeping them from using their combat abilities up close, but offering a strong vantage point through which to command armies.

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