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MSI prepares for “next-gen CPU” from AMD with motherboard update

As the launch of Ryzen 9000 series processors draws closer, MSI has released a new BIOS for AM5 motherboards in preparation for Zen 5.

An AMD Ryzen CPU (bottom right), adjacent to an MSI logo (left) in a rocky basin

Further indications that AMD is preparing to launch its next-generation Ryzen CPUs have arrived, courtesy of MSI.  Mirroring recent efforts by its competitors to make its existing AM5 motherboard stock compatible with Zen 5 processors, the company has pushed new BIOS updates for many of its models.

Unlike previous examples we’ve seen from competing manufacturers, though, MSI appears to be working more quickly to bring forward compatibility to a wider range of models. More specifically, new BIOS versions have appeared for some of the company’s best gaming motherboards for AMD CPUs, rocking the X670E chipset, as well as for select B650 boards.

X user 9550pro first spotted a new BIOS version for MSI’s MPG B650 Carbon WiFi, whose single change is succinctly described as “AGESA ComboPI Patch A updated for next-gen CPU.” This, of course, is in reference to the upcoming Ryzen 9000 processors, which will be the first chips to feature AMD’s latest Zen 5 microarchitecture.

A screenshot from an MSI motherboard support page, containing a new BIOS version

Naturally, the MPG X670E Carbon WiFi has received a similar patch, appearing to be the only motherboard whose BIOS update is not a Beta version. Other motherboards that have also received a new BIOS for “next-gen CPU” include the company’s Pro B650M-A and B650M Project Zero, the latter of which could prove to be the start of a revolution in motherboard design. Naturally, we expect more boards to get their own updates in the near future.

As alluded to earlier, MSI isn’t the first manufacturer we’ve seen preparing for the launch of the Ryzen 9000 series. Earlier this month, Asus also dropped BIOS updates for its ROG Crosshair and Strix X670E motherboards. It’s a given that we’ll soon see the likes of ASRock, Gigabyte, and other companies follow suit.

We’re expecting to hear more about the Zen 5 microarchitecture and the CPUs built with it at Computex 2024, and you can expect on-the-ground coverage from PCGamesN as the announcements come.

Until then, check out our best gaming CPU list if you’re hankering for a processor upgrade. As our Ryzen 7 7800X3D review makes plain, we strongly recommend picking up that chip if you can, but there are plenty of others worthy of a spot in your system too.