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MSI enters gaming handheld race with new, unique, Steam Deck rival

The MSI Claw looks set to take on the Steam Deck and other handheld gaming PCs, opting for an Intel GPU in place of the typical AMD setup.

The MSI Claw handheld gaming PC

Yet another Steam Deck rival is set to hit the scene, with MSI now set to release its take on a handheld gaming PC. While we expect to learn more about the device at CES 2024, some details have leaked ahead of time, and they point to a unique set of specifications.

The race for the best handheld gaming PC title has been intense this past year, with the launch of the ROG Ally, Steam Deck OLED, and Legion Go. Joining them in the coming months, we can expect an entirely new challenger: the MSI Claw.

The rumored MSI Claw specs are:

CPU Intel Core Ultra 7 155H (6 P-Cores / 8 E-Cores / 2 LP-Cores / 22 threads)
GPU Intel Arc Alchemist (8 Xe cores)
Display TBC
Battery TBC
Storage TBC
Weight TBC
Size TBC

The company had previously teased the Claw on its social media channels, including X, featuring close ups and a shadowy wide shot of the device. Now, however, more details on the would-be Steam Deck competitor have leaked via MSI China (via wxnod) and Geekbench (via Olrak29_).

The MSI Claw will feature the sixteen core Intel Core Ultra 7 155H processor, but it’s worth noting this is a combination of performance, efficiency, and low-power cores. More exciting, however, are its eight Arc Alchemist Xe cores which will serve as the graphics solution.

Other handhelds, like the Steam Deck OLED and ROG Ally have opted for AMD APUs rather than ones made by Intel. However, given that Core Ultra chips now come equipped with Alchemist graphics, rather than Iris, this could mark a potential shift in the market.

We’ll likely learn more about the handheld, including its display and storage specs, at CES 2024. So, be sure to come back to find out more about MSI’s latest device and more.