Multiversus patch notes – free release, LeBron James, Taz nerf

The Multiversus patch notes are here for the fighting game's proper free release date, adding a new character, some nerfs to the Taz tornado, and more puns

The Multiversus patch notes are here and so is LeBron James

The first proper Multiversus patch notes are here for version 0.1, with a load of changes and even a real person to the roster – LeBron James, star of Space Jam: A New Legacy. More importantly, this is the update for the Multiversus free release date, so the fighting game is officially out for everyone.

The Multiversus open beta 0.1 patch notes bring a lot of little tweaks, changes, buffs, and nerfs to the Smash Bros-like game, and it’s no wonder it’s a sizeable one – the game is officially out of closed early access and in proper open beta now.

The most notable addition is new fighter LeBron James, which is weird considering he’s a real-life basketball star – although the version here is his Space Jam animated incarnation. LeBron was rumoured before Multiversus even came out, but who knows where his basketball abilities will hit on the tier list of characters.

Speaking of which. the Multiversus S-tier fighters are Taz, Batman, and Shaggy, so it’s surprising that only one of these is receiving major nerfs – Taz, whose overpowered tornado ability is getting hit hard. It’s getting a decrease in duration, knockback, and multi-hits, and it may even get a cooldown in a future update. Batman has received a bit of a nerf, however, as it’s now a little harder to use his Batarang.

The biggest other addition is that the free character roster is cycling – so if you haven’t unlocked them already, Finn, Garnet, Superman, and Reindog are now free to play. Every character can be unlocked with gold earned during play anyway, but that can take a while to accumulate.

There’s sure to be another patch in short order, but Multiversus is now finally, officially out for everyone to play. Check out PCGamesN’s impressions here, including how the microtransactions are – whisper it – actually pretty reasonable for a free-to-play game?