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Those missing Multiversus open beta features are coming back

The Multiversus features missing from the full game after the open beta are returning, as work on Unreal Engine 5 pushed them back.

While many players flock back to the game, the Multiversus relaunch has been a rocky one. Many features from the beta are straight-up missing, and some changes have been met with derision. The platform fighter filled with Warner Bros. IP controls well, and shows a lot of promise, but this return hasn’t been without issue. Now though, it looks like many, if not all, of those beta features we’re missing will be added back to the game at some point.

After a few days of silence despite player feedback on Multiversus, we finally have an update. The platform fighting game hasn’t got rid of the long-lost open beta features forever; we instead have the netcode rebuild and move to Unreal Engine 5 to thank.

“Thank you for the feedback!” Multiversus game director Tony Huynh begins. “The team is hard at work on it. Some of the missing settings and features from the open beta are incoming: team colors, end-of-game stats, swapping side and neutral attacks, adjustable input buffer settings, etc. More info soon!”

“Many of these features are currently implemented and are in testing and we had planned, but were left out due to time as we had to rebuild every screen and feature again to support our new netcode and Unreal Engine 5 switch. Thanks again! I hope some of this context is helpful.”

Multiversus returning features: a tweet from the MV director

I reported on the Multiversus removals after launch, with players lamenting how the open beta appeared to have more options in it than the full 1.0 launch of the game. The biggest missing piece is the ability to play characters you don’t own in training or offline modes, which Huynh doesn’t mention here. The camera also zooms in during fights, and the co-op versus AI mode, free-for-all with items, and more are also nowhere to be found.

As admitted by Huynh, the reason these features aren’t in the full Multiverus launch comes down to the new netcode and switch to UE5. When the switch was announced Huynh said that character lighting and visuals would improve as a result, while the netcode rebuild aimed to improve the online experience.

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I seriously hope all of the removed features come back, with the ability to play all characters (even if you haven’t unlocked them) chief among them. This was an excellent feature considering how the roster rotation and unlocking works, as it let you try characters before buying them. Now, that’s nowhere to be seen in Multiversus.

With so many characters in the game, we’ve put together an evolving Multiversus tier list for you to get lost in, alongside the current Multiversus free characters you can play at no cost right now.

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