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Desert Stardew Valley style game celebrates 1.0 launch with Steam sale

My Time At Sandrock is out now on Steam, as the sandbox life game sequel to 9/10 Stardew Valley like My Time At Portia reaches 1.0 launch.

Desert-based Stardew Valley style game My Time At Sandrock is here in full, as developer Pathea Games celebrates the 1.0 release date for its long-awaited sequel to beloved life sim My Time At Portia with a special Steam sale. Already boasting ‘very positive’ Steam reviews from early access, if you’re looking for a cozy adventure as winter arrives then the My Time At Sandrock release date is the perfect time to jump into the sandbox life sim.

My Time At Sandrock sees you arrive in the eponymous desert town, set in one of the coziest post-apocalypses you could imagine. 330 years after ‘the Day of Calamity’ destroyed most modern technology, you take up a job offer as Sandrock’s newest builder, helping restore the rugged city-state to prosperity.

Taking everything Pathea Games learned making My Time At Portia, Sandrock builds on that beloved sandbox game, which itself still boasts a 9/10 Steam rating, and has already racked up an 86% ‘very positive’ rating during early access across more than 12,000 reviews, and is going cheap thanks to a launch Steam sale.

Taking charge of a run-down workshop, you’ll be able to build it out into a production powerhouse, employing all manner of unique machines to help you grow crops, raise animals, process raw materials, and produce components to assemble buildings and machinery to overhaul the city.

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You’ll be able to explore the deserts and plains around Sandrock, delving into old ruins in search of rare materials and valuable relics of the Old World. There’s plenty of dangers out there, from aggressive wild animals to giant cave-dwelling threats, but with a blend of flashy melee combat and third-person shooting this is a step up from the likes of Stardew Combat, so you’ll be able to defend yourself with ease.

Socializing is also a big part of My Time At Sandrock, with extensive stories for each of its many NPCs. You’ll of course meet all the locals, get to know them better through various sidequests and narrative events, and make friends (and perhaps even more) along the way. There’s also plenty of mini-games to take part in, and seasonal festivals for you and the other residents to enjoy.

With support for up to four-player online co-op, you’ll be able to build the town with your friends, exploring the town and getting into combat together. The full 1.0 release, which has now arrived, also includes additional single-player and multiplayer content, additional quests for many of the town NPCs, the ability to outfit other characters, and post-wedding content including the option for children.

My Time At Sandrock - A farm with all manner of unique-looking production technology.

My Time At Sandrock is out now on Steam. It’s currently on sale at 15% off until Thursday November 9, meaning you’ll pay just $33.99 / £29.74 for it, while the deluxe edition is 29% off, so expect to pay $45.17 / £38.69. Grab your copy here if you’re ready to jump in.

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