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Stylish Steam battle royale reveals its next hero and a new weapon

Naraka Bladepoint Season 10 ‘Pioneer’ is set to start on October 18, and includes a new weapon, the fan, Halloween decorations, and a mysterious new hero.

Of all the successful battle royale games on Steam, Naraka Bladepoint is hands-down the most stylish. Fortnite may be the most broad-reaching and Apex Legends has a delightful cast, but Naraka’s fast-paced melee combat and platforming combined with its roster of gorgeous, fashionable characters make it one of the coolest games on PC period, and we’ve now been given a glimpse at what to expect from the imminent Naraka Bladepoint Season 10, including its next hero and a new melee weapon.

With Naraka Bladepoint seeing plenty of success since becoming a free PC game in July 2023, holding strong above the likes of Baldur’s Gate 3, GTA 5, and Cyberpunk 2077 to maintain its place as the fifth most-played Steam game, there’s plenty to look forward to in the upcoming season. Naraka Bladepoint Season 10: Pioneer sees the arrival of a new weapon, the fan.

If you were worried that you didn’t look cool enough with the current arsenal at your disposal, the fan is here to the rescue. Making use of similar dash abilities to the daggers, the fan also incorporates more wide sweeps and charged strikes, and can be thrown out as a projectile in multiple forms, including vertical and horizontal throws. Charge it and you can toss out three projectiles in a horizontal arc, or two sweeping mini-tornadoes to chase down oncoming foes.

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The additional dodge mobility offered by the fan looks to be a really nice way to deal with enemies in close combat, allowing you to change your moveset after backdashes and evades to mix up your opponent. If you want to test the fan out, you can do so on the test server right now, where it will be available until the weapon’s arrival in the full game on Wednesday, October 18.

The end of the video also gives us just a brief sneak peek at what the new Naraka Bladepoint hero looks like, although we don’t yet get any information on what their abilities will look like. Developer 24 Entertainment says more details will arrive ahead of their arrival on October 18, so keep your eyes peeled.

Naraka Bladepoint Season 10 - Image of the new hero.

As Season 10 kicks off, you can also expect a Halloween makeover for the Fairyland Penglai lobby – nighttime has fallen and the Jack O’ Lanterns are out, and there’s a spooky spin on the Naraka Bladepoint ball minigame that sees you hiding from other players and earning rewards if no-one is able to find you.

24 Entertainment also announces that support for DLSS3 and DirectX 12 are being added, giving players with the best graphics cards more options to enhance their experience. There will also be two new Souljade types added, which the developer says “will bring more flexible builds in combat” to the table.

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