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One of the biggest free Steam games gets new roguelike mode

Naraka Bladepoint Yama’s Abyss adds a new roguelike campaign mode to the free Steam game, arriving today alongside Showdown chapter four.

Naraka Bladepoint Yama's Abyss adds roguelike mode to free Steam game - Zai, a white-haired woman in the battle royale game, looks back over her shoulder.

One of the most popular games on Steam, Naraka Bladepoint continues to build on its campaign offering for those of us looking for a break from its main battle royale mode. If you’ve been entranced by the Naraka Bladepoint Showdown co-op campaign that was introduced in August, or have yet to explore the PvE side of the game, new roguelike mode Yama’s Abyss might be just the ticket.

As consistently one of the most played games on the Valve platform, Naraka Bladepoint continues to see success following its transition to being a free Steam game. However, while I love the style and combat offered by Naraka, its main battle royale game mode can sometimes be rather daunting, especially for newcomers, with a lot of players out there who are very practiced at its fast-paced melee combat.

The Showdown campaign mode is developer 24 Entertainment’s answer – a co-op format more akin to the likes of Warframe missions. Here, you can bring your builds into challenging survival modes that culminate in battles against an especially powerful foe, and there are increasing difficulty settings to be tackled as you improve your characters’ loadouts and your own skills.

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If you’re after something a little different, however, Yama’s Abyss is a new challenge format that draws inspiration from the best roguelikes. Your equipped Souljades will be reset upon starting a run in Yama’s Abyss, and instead you’ll earn gear, enhancements, and upgrades as you complete quests or find shops during your run.

I’m certainly curious to try it out, and if you’ve never given Naraka Bladepoint a chance then it’s a perfect way to get a feel for its slick melee combat. The roguelike nature means there’s no initial prerequisite to build up your gear, so everyone starts on a level playing field, making it a great intermediary option if you’re sitting and praying for a Sekiro sequel like I am.

Naraka Bladepoint Yama’s Abyss launches Wednesday November 29. Arriving alongside it is chapter four of the Showdown campaign, which pits you and your companions against a terrifying lord of the seas.

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