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Diablo meets Pokemon in undead Steam RPG, with demo out now

Launching later this year, a new indie RPG takes the undead ghouls of Diablo and throws in Pokemon-like creature-catching for good measure.

The main characters Jaimus and Vivi in Necro Story

I love slaying demons in the murky depths of Diablo’s Sanctuary as much as the next Necromancer, but every now and then, it’s nice to dive into something a little more light-hearted. The new indie game Necro Story from Belgian developer Rablo Games could be just the trick, promising a “whimsical” adventure through the Underworld with plenty of magic, humor, and hidden secrets. Oh, and you can capture the souls of your enemies for your undead army, a bit like Pokemon – just not quite as cuddly.

In Necro Story, you’ll take on the role of Jaimus the Necromancer as she ventures into the Underworld. Alongside the mischievous ghost of a white mage called Vivi, it’s up to you to save humanity from the evil that lurks below. With over 20 Necromancy spells, the ability to bring all enemies over to your side of the battlefield, and Dark Pacts that let you transform into powerful demons, there’s plenty of ghostly goodness to help you on your journey through this indie game.

Despite its dark themes of sorcery and death, it looks like Necro Story will do its best to make us laugh. The reveal trailer gives us a glimpse of the dry, humorous dialogue and the cute, albeit slightly creepy creatures you’ll be able to add to your party. I’ve already got my eye on that troll-like monster serving ’90s boy band realness with its middle parting hairstyle.

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Aside from the devilish spell-casting and Pokemon-like soul capturing, Necro Story sounds like it’ll have all the features you’d expect from a traditional RPG, including the promise of “in-depth” skill trees and upgrades, as well as the ability to customize your party members’ skills and equipment.

Necro Story is scheduled to drop in September 2024, but before then, it will be featured in Steam Next Fest from Monday June 10 to Monday June 17. A free demo of the game has just dropped, and you can download that here.

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