New pre-order: Wolfenstein trailer has us board the train to Berlin and disembark with wet pants

Meet Frau Engel: a high-ranking Nazi determined to check your Aryan heritage like she might your passport.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is out now; here’s our Wolfenstein: The New Order review.

Wolfenstein is a shooter, first and foremost. But it’ll also take advantage of its first-person perspective to put you in a variety of palm-sweat inducing situations. You might remember one from our Tim’s The New Order hands-on, involving a leather-clad Delores Umbridge and her pet Nazi, named Bubi.

It’s every bit as unnerving in the frame as it was in text – an Inglorious Basterds table scene infused with Blazkowicz’s B-movie monotone. Enjoy.

The trailer begins in a strangely filtered fit of phallic ’60s nostalgia, but quickly segues into a mound of muscles trying to make coffee but making a mess instead:

There’s a charm about the small details of Wolfenstein: The New Order that you don’t expect to see in a series that’s traditionally been about the broad strokes and Big Fucking Guns.

It’s testament to that action-adventure spirit in Chronicles of Riddick and The Darkness that MachineGames seem to have smuggled out of Starbreeze and preserved in this new game.

Was Castle Wolfenstein somewhere you were planning on returning to before just now?