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New World leaderboards coming soon to MMO, but seem “underwhelming”

New World leaderboards have been in the works for a while, but new datamined images of the ranking system have left avid fans of Amazon Games' MMO disappointed

New World leaderboards coming soon to MMO, but seem "underwhelming": A gladiator with a helmet shaped like a face holds a huge great sword fighting in an arena

The New World leaderboards appear to have leaked ahead of release, but fans of Amazon Games’ debut MMORPG aren’t exactly impressed by the current designs and the selection of activities players will be able to rank for.

Shown off on the New World Database with the disclaimer that the images are, of course, subject to change, there is a vast array of different leaderboards that encompass pretty much every aspect of the game.

It makes sense to start with PvP, of course, given that this is where New World is at its most competitive. The current version of the PvP leaderboard includes Outpost Rush, Open World, and 3v3 Arenas.

For Outpost Rush, players will be able to see score, wins, kills, KDR, healing, resource contribution, how much damage they have taken or dealt. 3v3 Arenas is a similar story, but instead of resource contribution you can track your win loss ratio.

Open World is slightly different, and can be tracked both as a faction and an individual character. It includes how many control points have been captured, and how much influence you have earned. PvP kills are also ranked, but only by player, not faction.

Faction Wars are also split into three different trackers: faction, company, and character. The faction section focuses on how long your merry band of misfits has held a particular territory for. Company also tracks this, as well as your governing streak and how many wins you’ve gotten as an attacker or defender. Finally, the character tracker will show off your individual score, wins, kills, KDR, healing, and damage done and taken.

For those who prefer not murdering their fellow players, there are leaderboards for PvE, as well as Mutated Expeditions and trade skills (the latter tracks the highest amount of legendary items crafted and legendary fish caught).

You can take a look at all of the leaderboards on the New World Database website, but some fans on the game’s subreddit have been quick to voice their disappointment. “Kind of underwhelming. All I was hoping for was ranked arena matchmaking with a leaderboard. Quantitatively, this is more, qualitatively, this is less,” comments one.

The trade skills board seems to be the main subject of fans’ ire, with one player stating “disappointed by trade skills,” and another writing “I really hope that they do more with trade skills, it’s easy for the leaderboard to be XP based on day/week/month/overall.”

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